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Lord Eternal, God of Ages

By Leland Bryant ROSS (ROS' Haruo)

I was trying to work up a singable translation of W. J. Downes' Esperanto hymn
"Eternulo, granda Dio", but I couldn't quite get it to jell,
so on my lunch hour, February 23, 2000 I wrote this hymn instead;
I'd say it's about half a translation of Downes, half my own.
First performed as congregational song
at Fremont Baptist Church, Seattle, USA, February 27, 2000

Fonto : RH

  1. Lord Eternal, God of Ages, throned in splendor, far above
    Galaxies and history's pages, ruling all, Almighty Love!
    Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, reign within us, Spirit-Dove!

  2. Great the honor we are given, great the privilege we share:
    Called to help thee, Lord of Heaven, here on earth thy name to wear!
    Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, teach us, Lord, thy word to bear.

  3. Love our God and love our neighbor, sister, brother, enemy,
    Love each other: this the labor thou commandest lovingly.
    Grant us patience, grant us pardon, grant that we may all be free.

  4. Evil forces all around us threaten us with hate and hell.
    Lest their menacing confound us, in our hearts, O Savior, dwell!
    Grant us faith and grant us insight, let us know that all is well.

© 2000 L B Ross

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