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The Christian's Song and Love to Christ

By A Lady

(Sarah (Mrs. Tygnal) Jones, d. 1794?)
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Source : "On the Death of General Washington", ca. 1800
broadside in John Hay Library, Brown University


My soul's full of glory which fires my tongue,
Could I meet with angels I'd sing them a song,
I would sing of my Jesus and tell of his charms ;
And bid them to bear me to his loving arms.

Methinks they are assembling to hear what I sing,
Well pleas'd to hear mortals a praising their King ;
Oh Angels ! O Angels ! my soul's in a flame,
I sing in sweet rapture of Jesus's name.

Sweet spirit attend me till Jesus shall come,
Protect and defend me till I'm convey'd home,
Tho' the worms my poor body may claim as their prey ;
Twill out shine when rising the sun at noon day.

The sun shall be darken'd, the moon turn'd as blood,
The world all on fire with the vengeance of God.
While light'nings and flashings, and thunders do roar,
Undaunted I'll triumph on fair Canaan's shore.

The smiles of bright glory appear on my soul,
I sink in bright visions. I view the bright goal ;
My soul while I'm singing is leaping to go,
This moment for heaven I'd leave all below.

Farwell my dear Brother, the Lord bids me come,
Farewell my dear Sister I'm now going home ;
Bright angels are whispering so sweet in my ear,
Away to my Saviour the spirit shall steer.

I'm going, I'm going, but what do I see?
'Tis Jesus in glory, appears unto me.
To heaven, to heaven, I'm going, I'm gone !
All glory ! oh glory ! 'tis finish'd—'tis done.

To the regions of glory the spirit has fled,
And left the frail body inactive and dead—
With angelic armies, in glory to blaze,
On Jesus' fair beauty for ever to gaze.

When the seals are all open the trumpet shall sound,
And awake God's dear children that sleep under ground,
Their souls and their bodies shall all join in one,
And each from their Savior receive a bright crown.


O Jesus my Saviour, to thee I submit,
With love and thanksgiving fall down at thy feet ;
In sacrifice offer my soul, flesh and blood,
Thou art my Redeemer, my Lord and my God.

I love thee, I love thee, I love thee, my love,
I love thee, my Saviour, I love thee, my dove ;
I love thee, I love thee, and that thou dost know,
But how much I love thee, I never can show.

All human expressions are empty and vain:
They cannot unriddle this heavenly flame :
I'm sure if the tongue of an angel were mine,
I could not this myst'ry completely define.

I'm happy, I'm happy, O wondrous account !
My days are immortal, I stand on the mount ?
I gaze on my treasure ; and long to be there,
With Jesus and angels, my kindred so dear.

O Jesus my Saviour, with thee I am blest !
My life and salvation, my joy and my rest !
Thy name be my theme, and thy love be my song ;
Thy grace shall inspire my heart and my tongue.

O, who's like my Saviour ? He's Salem's bright King ;
He smiles and he loves me, and learns me to sing ;
I'll praise him, I'll praise him, with notes loud and shrill,
While rivers of pleasure my spirit doth fill.

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