TTT-Himnaro Cigneta (al la titolpagxo)


O God, our words cannot express

(Esperanto Translation)

Verkis (angle) : Carolyn Winfrey GILLETTE, 2001.09.11

Fonto: BPFNA 2001.09.14

  1. O God, our words cannot express
    The pain we feel this day.
    Enraged, uncertain, we confess
    Our need to bow and pray.

  2. We grieve for all who lost their lives...
    And for each injured one.
    We pray for children, husbands, wives
    Whose grief has just begun.

  3. O Lord, we're called to offer prayer
    For all our leaders, too.
    May they, amid such great despair,
    Be wise in all they do.

  4. We trust your mercy and your grace;
    In you we will not fear!
    May peace and justice now embrace!
    Be with your people here!

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Melodio : ST. ANNE
Laŭdire komponita de William CROFT, 1708

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