Oh, how good it is to glorify thee, Lord

Mely igen jó az úr Istent dicsérni
Kiel bone estas glori Vin, Sinjor’

“It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to thy name, O Most High; ...” Psalm 92:1

Author (in Hungarian) : Mihály Sztárai († 1575), based on Psalm 92
Esperanto translation : Eva FÁRKÁS and Adolf BURKHARDT
English translation and abridgment : Leland Bryant ROSS, ĉ. 1996

Fonto: LBR

  1. Oh, how good it is to glorify Thee, Lord,
    and give praise, O Highest One, with one accord
    to Thy Holy Name: in joyful worship stand
    and proclaim Thee everywhere, in every land;

  2. To sing out Thy mercy by the dawn's first light,
    on Thy justice meditate in dark of night.
    May with harps and violins and voices we
    honor Thee in melody and harmony.

  3. Now before all people let us sing aloud
    of the lovingkindness of our Lord and God —
    for He faileth not, and who doth but believe
    on this rock, although he die, shall surely live.

Tune: PSALMO 92
Hungarian Folk Tune, 16th century

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