TTT-Himnaro Cigneta (al la titolpagxo)

(en angla lingvo)

Our Father, while our hearts unlearn
(The Gathering Storms of Doubt)

Esperanto version : Ho patro, dum mallernas ni

Author : Oliver Wendell HOLMES

Source : WWW

  1. Our Father, while our hearts unlearn
         The creeds that wrong thy name,
    Still let our hallowed altars burn
         With faith's undying flame.

  2. Help us to read our Master's will
         Through every darkening stain
    That clouds his sacred image still,
         And see him once again.

  3. The brother man, the pitying friend,
         Who weeps for human woes,
    Whose pleading words of pardon blend
         With cries of raging foes.

  4. If 'mid the gathering storms of doubt
         Our hearts grow faint and cold,
    The strength we cannot live without
         Thy love will not withhold.

  5. Our prayers accept; our sins forgive;
         Our youthful zeal renew;
    Shape for us holier lives to live,
         And nobler work to do.

Tune : ST. ANNE
Attributed to William CROFT, 1708

TTT-Himnaro Cigneta
estas filia TTTejo de
Eldonejo Cigneto