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The Church's Strong Foundation

Verkis : Rodney R. ROMNEY
Pastoro (emeritiĝis 2000) de la Unua Baptisma Eklezio de Seatlo
© 1992 AmaDeus Group
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  1. The church's strong foundation is God's eternal love,
    Through myst'ry of creation it entered from above.
    Through Spirit still descending with love we can't refuse,
    It needs no staunch defending, but comes as God's good news.
  2. Through vales of human sorrow, of misery and pain,
    Breaks forth a bright tomorrow where ev'ry hope is gain.
    With love that's sure and steady, by Spirit's holy sign,
    The church has been made ready to serve all humankind.
  3. We hide not in traditions, in creeds make no last stand,
    But find in love's position the Kingdom is at hand.
    Sing now of celebration, of love renewed, restored,
    As we in consecration live out the healing Word.
  4. We share Christ's way of living, shape future as He would,
    Cross borders of forgiving and share our humanhood.
    One God in all creation, one human family,
    This is our true salvation and love's own unity.

Melodio : AURELIA
Komponis : Samuel Sebastian WESLEY, 1864

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