(en angla lingvo)

The Sun Has Now Risen in Heavenly Glory

Nun ist sie erschienen

Esperanto Version

Written (in German) by W. HORN, n.d.
English Translation (according to MBCH) : P. C. HIEBERT, 1951
3rd stanza, David LETKEMAN, n.d.

Source : MBCH

  1. The sun has now risen in heavenly glory,
            And shines through the darkness of night.
    Now rejoice and sing praises, yea shout the glad story
            For in Christ the Redeemer is healing and light.

    (Refrain: the sopranos sing the first line while the other voices sing the second line)

    To God  -  -  -   be the glo -  -  -  ry; and good -  -  -  will to men.—
    To God be the glo - ry, God be the glo - ry; peace and goodwill— to men.—

    Through Christ  -  -  - our Redeem  -  -  -  er shall peace -  -  -  come again.
    Through Christ our Redeem—er Christ our Redeem—er peace and goodwill come again.

  2. The world lay benighted in death and destruction,
            All mankind in sin was forlorn.
    But through faithin the Saviour comes peace and salvation,
            Sing with joy all ye ransomed, the Saviour is born.
    (Refrain ...)

  3. Now go with the shepherds and follow the wise men
            To seek for the heavenly child.
    And when ye have found Him, accept and adore Him,
            The Christ-child from glory so gentle and mild.
    (Refrain ...)

Composer (according to MBCH) : J. R. MURRAY

TTT-Himnaro Cigneta
estas filia TTTejo de
Eldonejo Cigneto