TTT-Himnaro Cigneta (al la titolpagxo)


We, Your People, God, Confessing

... and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. : Philippians 2:11

Author : Anonymous

Source : DCH 356

  1. We, your people, God, confessing Jesus Christ your Son as Lord,
    Gather here in common worship praising your Incarnate Word.
    Through the power of Christ within us we are strengthened to proclaim
    Gospel truth in witness, service offered in Christ’s holy name.

  2. We, your people, God, rejoicing in your vast creative power,
    Bind ourselves, each with the other, covenant in love this hour.
    Through baptismal rite we enter, rising, newly born to be
    Unified with your whole people here in perfect liberty.

  3. We, your people, God, communing through the Holy Spirit, here,
    Joined together as disciples, in obedience now draw near.
    At the table where the emblems of Christ’s sacrifice are spread,
    Here we celebrate his presence with the cup and broken bread.

  4. We, your people, God, receiving gifts of ministry outpoured
    In the light of holy scripture are set free, refreshed, restored.
    In the bonds of faith we serve you, God of all, whom we adore.
    Yours the blessing, yours the glory, one God, reigning evermore!

Traditional Dutch Melody

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