From Nottbecks Precious Sharpei
Check out the Puppy Page
Sorry for the mess I am under Construction right now
Make sure to check back for new updates.
Alot of the stuff is gone to make way for new pages and new Pictures.

Nottbeck's Precious Shar Pei
I have one Flowered girl Tiania she is our Pet Peibaby.
And a new one she is a year now her name is Maggie
Come back and see her Grow!
Cindy de Nottbeck



Our Story
We got our first shar pei in 1994,
fell in love with the breed, and have been
pursuing our interest in the breed ever since. We now work
closely with other breeders to keep up to date on breed information.
I am not sure if I am going to breed any more,In the mean time
check out my Puppy page to see if there are any rescue avaliable.
Or if I have any breeder friends that have pups!
If you have any questions regarding the Shar-Pei Please feel free to email me!

If anyone is interested in Adopting a Shar-Pei
Either from Rescue or from a Breeder
please email me I will try and help.
Or check out the Rescue sites listed. Cindy de Nottbeck
Updated I have a friend that has pups check out Puppy Page dated July 2007

Dr Vidts Site
Canada`s Rescue Site
My friends page
My Information Page Confirmed Amyloidosis
Natures Best CJ`s Sharpei
Puppies Available de or Von Nottbecks Family History

Shar-Pei Search Engine

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