The Kuala Lumpur
city guide


With a population of over 1.5 million, the capital of Malaysia is one of the most colorful and dynamic cities of the world. 'KL', as it is most popularly known, is a unique mixture of old and new..where graceful Mosques, elaborately designed Chinese and Indian temples merge with modern skyscrapers and office blocks.

You'll find shops selling traditional Chinese medicine, wizened fortune tellers setting up on pavements, little hole in the wall shops with signs in Arabic, Chinese and Roman..selling everything from incense sticks to deodorants...and all of this amidst supermarkets and malls stocking the latest designer luxury items.

There'll be the ever popular open air stalls (or hawkers, as they're known) serving up all kinds of local cuisine, from South Indian dosas, idlis, wadas to Malay Nonya food to Chinese dumplings and yaung tau foo. And if you fancy Western, try out the plentiful coffee shops, pizzerias and restaurants scattered all over the city.

It's a dazzling blend of cultures and people...all of which contribute to form a colorful milieu..and give an introduction to the country of Malaysia.

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