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The Negachamber

I'm surprised to see you here. I try to discourage visitors to the castle, yet you found it anyway. I suppose I should give you a tour until I can think of something to do about you.

My name's Citrakite and this, the Castle Polaris, is my home. It's well over 15,000 years old. Makes my age of 4,645, despite the fact I look 20, look pathetic doesn't it. That's why I liked it, so much in fact I stole it. The King of Polaris won't need it, He's dead along with my entire homeward. Polaris, well when it existed, was 73 light years from Earth, I think. The star system had four planets with about twenty two moons scattered round. First planet was the sector prison colony.  Planet two was the Royal homeward and where I spent most of the six years I was there. Third planet was called Polaris Prime and had the biggest population. Lastly came the gas giant, Planet four with the Moon colonies. Nemesis was our loveliest moon but you only remember it because of it newest name, the Negamoon.

I made the NegaChamber as a get away of sorts. no neighbors, no disturbances and no annoying, yet cute scouts interfering in my work. I'm assisted by my dolls and the few children that are still young enough to stay with me. Don't touch anything or stray from my side, the guardians think anything moving is a possible snack. Let me introduce them. They're Lucinda and Gregory.

The Chamber doesn't have a steady design scheme so you'll see lots of changes. This is the kitchen and she's my first Cyberdoll, Eve. Don't let the apron fool you she strangled men with it. What is a Cyberdoll? A genetically planned, created and force grown being programmed from conception. Dolls are highly trained to perfect their speed, agility, balance, aim and dexterity. Oddly enough most are female. there  are three types. Class A's like Eve here are the smartest and most powerful. They're grown at one year per 3 days with a life expectancy of twenty plus years.

Class B's almost match up to A's except their not quite as intelligent half the time. They grown at a ratio of one year per day with a life span of 10 years or so. This doll is Kauri.

The last class is C the youngest and weakest of the three. Their growth is one year per six hours. with a span of only five years. Put your eyes back on me and stop ogling Emi, Kiki, Yuki and Masaki.

This is where all dolls come from. Born and grown in hydrostatic rejuvenation tanks in a mixture of hormones, pheromones, steroids, mutagens, and seven herbs and spices. ^_^ The unfortunate part is the mix of chemicals and forced growth causes cellular damage producing their shortened life spans. There were some failures in the early development of dolls, but accidents rarely happen now.
All are trained by me and others in basic combat as well as several martial arts including Kendo, Judo and Ninjutsu. Speaking of training I'm also the Pokémon gym leader in Glacier City some how. Must be because I built the gym, or more precisely my company, Genco did.

Genco is also producing various mecha. I don't make Machines solely for war. Saw too many planets die because of that to be foolish to repeat their errors. While I do make war models most are for police and construction. The mecha bay is busy right now but you can go look if you like just make sure you watch out for sparks, oil and don't interfere with the work.

Don't let the sky fool you, it's a hologram projected onto the glass ceiling. This is one of my indoor gardens and the man is the mask is my gardener/librarian. I got more books than I'll ever read but you could check them out so of the more rare texts. I'm sure you and he can come to an agreement. You do have a firstborn right?

What really keeps this castle in order more than anything else is most likely the fact the computer is supervising everything. Meet Naomi, my holographic interface to the computer core and model for my Cyberdoll Sakura. Really If she wasn't here this place most likely be a very expesive pile of rubble.^_^
The castle sits over a hot spring and even though I'm an ice elemental I love the hot water and steam. I control ice not made of it. there's the armory were I keep my collection of weapons and the many oni filled caves under us. Well that's the brief tour since I figured out what to do about you being here.
* several dolls pick you up and carry you to lake *
Well it's been fun. Come back if you find us again I can test my shock collars then. Nice having you. Sayonara!
* With a great splash your tossed into the lake and when you surface the castle is gone *

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