Serenity and Galaxia

Welcome! This is *Mandy's Sailor Moon Ice Palace's* Hall of Fame! The drawings displayed here are the winning drawings of my fan art contests. Click on the thumbnails of the drawings to see the full size versions.

Mandy *Sailor June Princess*

1st Place Winners

Eternal Sailor Mars
*Sailor Earth*
Small Lady/Princess Chibi Serenity
Sailor Meteor
SunaCat (Sailor Pluto as Cat Woman)
Christmas in the Silver Millennium
Sailor Nyanko
Venus As Cupid
Sailor Nyanko
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Aries
Star Sailor Chibi Moon with Bunny Ears
Sailor Aries
Eternal Sailor Moon
Princess Saturn and Small Lady In Winter
Trista Benit
Queen Jupiter
Lisa Bay
Minako Going Shopping for Easter
Makoto and Daughter
Aquarius Sky

2nd Place Winners

Serena and Rini on Halloween
Small Lady's Christmas
Sailor Aries
Angel Princesses
Sailor Meteor
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Unicorn
God Bless USA Mina
Sailor Pixie
Sailor Moon In Icy Attire
Sailor Ice Crystal
Princess Jupiter
Aquarius Sky
Princess Uranus
Aquarius Sky
Usagi and Chibi Usa


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