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The City

Thakria, City of Miracles

Periam, emperor of Thakria

Oh Thakria, the miracle,
the envy of the land,
God bless'd we are, immortal star,
we'll overshadow all.

Sorcerers demons rage,
Warlock bests the mage,
The cunning of the Thief,
Loremaster shines,
Cavalier honour binds,
the wisdom of the Seer.

Oh Thakria! Oh Thakria!
The Jewel of the West!
Through Fate and Pain
we will remain,
The brightest flame of all.

- The Thakrian Anthem

The war wages on
Pick up your battle gear
The prey is fast approaching
The enemy is near

The battle cry is sounded
Raise up the battle flag
Devastation for the white swan
Subjugation for the stag

All hail Lady Xanthe
Vengeance and victory in her name
We stand as one,our crescent moon
Beloved Thakria shall never wane

- Ode to Thakria, Macrobius
Thakria: City of miracles, darkness, cruelty, power - the ruthless pursuit for victory. Only the strong survive here - only the determined succeed. Unlike the citizens of other, weaker, cities of Avalon, Thakrians are constantly asked to prove themselves and demonstrate that they are, indeed, worthy of bearing the true title of Thakrian.

The history of Thakria is a long, ancient and proud one. Many years have the Thakrians fought to claw their way to the top and ensure their total victory over their foes. None may say the Thakrians do not bring power to the conflicts that ravage Avalon - indeed, the recent controllers of the land have been those of the dark city of the west.

As the chronicles of yore state: "Let slip the dogs of war, for indeed war was upon Avalon again. Thunder crashed and rolled upon the heavens, drowning out the call of hunting horns across the plains. The Thakrians stood firm against all resistance...

"...For an intrepid team were they. Their tactile, mental and spiritual prowess all boosted by the alchemical compounds granted them by the Loremasters, they were indeed hall heroes against the Mercinaean resistance. The keen and swift blade of the scarlet-clad Cavalier proved a deadly combination with the hideous demons controlled by the silent, black-robed Sorcerer. Many quailed before the venemous spittle and dextrous knife-wielding of the anarchic Bandits that flitted to and fro. And all the while, fire and damning curses were rained down upon their enemies, enacted by the mysterious Seers who sat in safety many leagues away...

"...And when all was said and done, they stood victorious, and left the battlefield, borne of the wings of a mighty dragon that was enslaved by the magic of the Warlocks, leaving only a bitter scent of brimstone in the air that vanished with gentle zephyrs....

"...For heroes many were the Thakrians. Their successes came from the power and solidarity that binds society together deep behind the obsidian
walls of their city. Indeed, where else in Avalon could any place lay the same claims to glory as Thakria, the City of Miracles?"

- excerpt from The Thakrian Invasion of Mercinae

Thakria, city of glory and miracles, the dark and powerful marvel of the west, is one of Avalon's oldest cities. Renowned for its remarkable fighters and dedicated pursuit for excellence, Thakria stands alone as an unsullied bastion to strength and power. Though assailed by other cities for its staunch beliefs, Thakrians stand proud and loyal through the worst of storms, weathering them to emerge victorious and triumphant.

Helenna, Empress of Thakria

Are you strong enough to be Thakrian? Likely not. Only the bravest, most impressive will last to achive adulthood in Thakria. The rest we cast off to the weak cities of dreams and light. If you have the drive, however, and you persevere to become a true Thakrian, power and strength beyond your imagination awaits you. The choice is yours.

Thakria - for strength, for power, for glory.

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