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April 6, 2004 City Green Strategy Workshop 2004: Gardens Naturally
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Cleaner Air, Cleaner Water, Cleaner Land
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Good News for Energy-Inefficient Homes
Upgrade your Home Efficiency and Save with the Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

Good News for the Land
On March 5, 2003, the Quebec government signed into law the Pesticide Management Code, banning the use of most lawn care herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in that province. No spraying will be allowed on public or municipal lawns or near schools or daycare centres; within three years, that will extend to private properties. Most "non-essential pesticides" (2,4-D, mecoprop, malathion, carbaryl, dicofol, benomyl, captane and chlorothalonil) will have been removed from the garden centres. Quebec's home gardeners will have...to go organic." (Canadian Gardening, June 2003)

Good News for Toronto: Pesticide Ban Bylaw Passed Check it out! Toronto joins other Ontario cities and Halifax, N.S.
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Pesticide Ban in Waterloo Region

The Region of Waterloo's decision on pesticide use for 2004 is to educate property owners on the 2005 ban on the non-essential cosmetic use of pesticides.

Lawn Care the Natural Way Here are some tips on how to make your lawn safe for everyone. Please say NO to pesticides.

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