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Can you believe this place used to be called Vienna Strasse 7000? Well, back in 1997, that's exactly what geocities was, a place with country and city names in which people would actually travel through the neighborhoods. There were little icons that you could click on and be transported to that person's site. It was unique, cute, lovable, and a lot of fun. But then, I guess, it got out of hand, too big, too unwieldy, or something. And then, somebody at Yahoo saw it and wanted to get at all the supposedly hundreds of thousands of people here, to try to sell us stuff and to say, "Hey, look at our big gigantic database of people." They'd say that to their advertisers, and they'd believe it and give Yahoo a lot of money to put their little link graphics on the site. Like I was going to buy something from one of those places. Anyway, Vienna Strasse 7000 was a prime piece of real estate in those early days. Because it was the first in a block of a thousand, it got lots of hits. Nowadays, it's Really great, huh? Well, things change. Memories remain.