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Harry Farjeon


Musician, composer and teacher

Harry Farjeon is one of a number of prolific composers whose music was popular during the early decades of the twentieth century, but whose names are now virtually forgotten. Little of their music is still in print, and it is rarely, if ever, performed or recorded.
Many of Farjeon's piano pieces were very popular; copies of the most successful, such as "Night Music" and "Pictures from Greece" can still be found in second-hand shops today.
Harry Farjeon was a well-respected composer in his day. Some of his orchestral music was considered significant enough to be premiered at Henry Wood's Promenade Concerts between 1903 and 1942, but today he is more likely to be remembered as the teacher of George Lloyd, or the brother of Eleanor Farjeon.
This website acknowledges Farjeon himself as a contributor to twentieth-century British music.



Harry Farjeon, by Philip L Scowcroft

Eleanor Farjeon

Arnold Bax

George Lloyd

Farjeon MSS

The British Music Society

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