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Wolfenstein Developers Links
Official Site - The official site of RtCW
id Software - Makers of Wolf3D and the producers of RtCW
Activision - Publishers of RtCW
Gray Matter Studios - Makers of the single player component of RtCW
Nerve Software - Makers of the multiplayer component of RtCW
Splash Damage - Makers of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Even Balance Inc. - Makers of 'Punkbuster' Anticheat software

Aussie Wolfenstein sites
Telstra GameArena - Site for the RtCW Aus Ladder Match
Wolfstah - An Aussie/NZ RtCW page - Another aussie RtCW page
RtCW Servers - All Aussies servers...I think... - Australia's answer to

International Wolfenstein sites - Gamespy's RtCW site - British page
Wolfenstein Center - American page
File Planet - Collection of files for RtCW and other games - Only RtCW Files here - More files here

The Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory FREE stand alone multiplayer game has been released. You don't need RtCW to play ET.

Download it now !!!

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