Holy shit look what's just been updated!

April 24, 2004

This page is my solution to showing the pics from my
so-called life to my online friends who've asked to see them. I
figured rather than try and guess who would be interested in
what kind of pictures, I'd just scan the best out of each kind
and slap 'em on a page. Originally this was limited to my hawaii
vacation, and those files are still here, but I've added some more content now
that I'm all grown up and on my own. They're all divided into catagories
and on most what you see initially are thumbnails, so if you see
something you like, click on it for a bigger picture. If ya
don't see anything you like, my apologies. Oh, and kiss my ass. ***

Click the Fluffy pimp to "virtual tour" my house.

The original Hawaii page

Odds and ends...stuff found in my geocities folder or elsewhere on my 'puter for no cohesive reason.

Evil wears many faces

Some day if I get bored enough I may add the things I do in photoshop when I'm bored

Links: Friends pages, stuff I'm interested in, etc etc...

***Surgeon General's warning: Kissing my ass may excite existing medical problems such as heart disease or asthma. Therefore, it is the recommendation of this fine person that you do not click on the underlined portion of the text if you suffer from any of these, as that really is a pic of my ass.

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