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incense Hello... if you've not visited my website before, welcome. If you have, and are making a return visit, then welcome back ! Those of you who have been here before may remember that I ran into a little trouble with the law concerning some MIDI files I was offering on my other site, Groovy Tunes, at one time. Well, I finally got all that settled and unfortunately I don't have music wavs or MIDI files here for you anymore. I also don't update this portion of my website very often anymore but I do hope you'll enjoy what's here. Be sure to visit the tribute pages I made for my 2 adopted POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War !!

I've added new music trivia questions so why not play the new game and see how you do ?

peace be with you...

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All new questions added on 05/01/08 !

I appreciate everyone who took/has taken the time to sign my guestbook in the past but I got rid of my guestbook because I got tired of cleaning out all the TRASH placed there by spammers (gawd I detest spammers)!! I also removed my forum since nobody had posted anything there for several years and I'm no longer offering website awards... I just doon't have the time to manage them at the moment. Sorry...

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Feel free to visit the rest of my site BUT keep in mind that I haven't updated the links page in a LONG time so I'm sure there are broken links there. Also, check out the free webpage sets I have online at Groovy Graphics. Only part of the original (and quite massive) Groovy Graphics section is currently online thanks to a few inconsiderate people who insisted on direct-linking to my free images instead of downloading them to their own computers. Because of them, most of my graphics pages were removed by my webspace provider because of the excessive bandwidth usage.
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Here's something really trippy for you guys... you'll LOVE it ! Click above to get PSYCHEDELICIZED !!!! (MUST have a Java enabled browser!!) If you like this you can find more cool java effects here. Thanks for sharing Bill !

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