Columbia County Neighbors
Sullivan Creek, Little River area

Families living in Capt. Patrick's District
Michael Whatley, Jr.  
Michael Whatley of Wilkes Co left a will dated  Feb 16, 1788 listing son Elisha, daughter Franky Mason, sons Thomas and Jesse, daughter Caty Morgan, grandson Hiram Whatley, son of Richard Whatley, and Frances his wife, sons John, Michael and Daniel, daughter Peggy Richards, wife of John Richards. This Michael Whatley is likely the grandson of the deceased. 
Clary Whatley (widow)    
Joseph Malon(e)    
Edward Malone    
Thomas Brown    
James Elliott    
Isaac Jones   born before 1773, he died in Morgan Co., Georgia on May 8, 1821. He was married to Malinda "Milly" Clayton, daughter of Thomas and Milly Clayton.
Alexander Corry   An Alexander Corry died in Greene Co., Georgia in 1817. This one might be connected to that family.
William Patrick    
Samuel Pennington    
Halcut Alford    
William Gardner    
Charles Patterson    
Nathan Carter    
James Aiken   born 1791 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. He married Polly Shy. April 13, 1819 – Morgan Co., Georgia. Letters remaining at the post office in Madison on April 1, 1819: Benjamin Akins, James Ahin [Akin?].
Moses Langston   Was he the son of Jesse Langston and Mary Young.  He died in Morgan County, Georgia in 1820.
Thomas Bonner    
Seaborn Jones   Unidentified, but possibly the brother of Isaac Jones above.
George Elliott    
William Riley   Isaac Jones named one of his sons, who was born in Morgan Co., GA, William Riley Jones.
Thomas Walls    
Thomas Aiken   October 11, 1815 – Legal Notices, Jackson Co., Georgia, “Whereas Thomas Aken applies for letters of administration on the estate of Samuel Aken, late of said county, deceased…given under my hand this 27th September, 1815 (signed) E. Adams, C.C.O.”
John Weldon    


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