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Last Updated 12/9/03
I have a HUGE collection of live tapes, videos and cd-r's for trade. NOTHING you will see here is for sale goddammit, so don't even bother asking! I may be able to do b&p's if I have time, email me.
1)I'm most interested in trading cdr's right now as I never listen to my tapes, and I would like to keep video trading to a minimum because I have no time to watch them, unless you have any Howard Stern I need.
2) I use brand name cdr's (usually Sony) and ALL discs are burned dao, I also expect this in return (I will not accept Verbatim or Maxell cdrs). any questions on dao, email me and I can explain it.
3)I usually send cds in ziplock bags reinforced with cardboard, if you prefer to send cases, let me know. I also prefer to send first class, but will send priority if you do.
4) If we've never traded before and you make first contact, you send first, I'll do the same if I make first contact.
5) Finally, if I see anyone selling any of the tapes I traded them on eBay or any other auction site,
I'm always looking for any Ween I don't have. I also am especially looking for:
Primus(or related), R.L. Burnside, Johnny Cash, Hendrix, Motley Crue, Slayer, Funkdoobiest, Cypress Hill, Geto Boyz. You name it, I'm probably into it (except phish!) just send me your list and we'll work something out. 
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WEEN Traders
All Ween pictures come from the Chocodog site, if this is a problem for anyone, let me know