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My name is Rhonda Stewart, I am the grand-daughter of Marie Coffin Stewart, Wilbert's sister.  I have created this page to raise awareness of the case and to help the movement to get Uncle Wilbert's case reviewed and his name cleared.  Every little bit counts!  Please bookmark this page and check back often, as new items will be added.  Also please pass the link to this website on to everyone you know.  The more people who know about it the better.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.


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                    Above: Wilbert Coffin standing outside his camp.


Wilbert Coffin was convicted for the murder of 1 of 3 American hunters killed in Gaspe, Quebec in 1953.  He was hung for this crime in 1956.  This was a crime that he did not commit.  The investigation, trial and appeal process was handled in such a way that it was evident that the government intended to get a man for the crime, not necessarily the man who committed the crime, but a man who would take the fall.  That man was my Uncle Wilbert.

 Over the years my grandmother, Marie Stewart, and the rest of the Coffin family has tried to clear his name.  Many others, some complete strangers, have also tried to clear his name.  Senator Jacques Hebert wrote several books and was even sentenced for contempt of court for his writings on the case.  Alton Price worked tirelessly for years on the case, unearthed an immense amount of new evidence, and wrote a book on the case, To Build A Noose. Cynthia Patterson, a friend of the family, has been of enormous help to the family and has worked very hard in helping bring awareness to the case.  There was a request for a Ministerial review of the case in 1998 but to date, no response has been received.  In February of 2006, AIDWYC (The Association in the Defence of the Wrongly Convicted) agreed to take on the case and they too will attempt to get my uncle’s case reviewed and clear his name.  Lew Stoddard has also been investigating the case and has been keeping an online blog concerning the case.  There are no words to describe how grateful the entire family is to everyone who has helped in this case so far.

 But the work is far from done.  And we cannot rest until Uncle Wilbert’s name is cleared.


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This site was designed to give information on the case, provide links to other sites related to the case, list ways that individuals can help, and to provide a place for people to share their thoughts on the case.  Please feel free to leave your comments on the message board, or send an email to

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