The Sacred Bonds of Cleats and Plastic
Coed Hat Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
September 16, 2001
Loantaka Brook Reservation, Morristown, New Jersey

This is the tournament page for The Sacred Bonds of Cleats and Plastic, a Coed Hat Ultimate Frisbee Tournament held in honor of the wedding of Denise Ryan and Zach Bressler.

The tournament is open to wedding guests and non-wedding guests. If you register you can play. But, please register early, who knows how quickly this will fill up!

Be sure to come back to this page regularly for updates!

September 12:
The recent tragedy in New York City will not stop this event from occuring. In fact, I am considering putting together a donation box for the Red Cross.

September 11:
There are still spots available to play. Using Email, send the registration information, and then bring the $$ to the tournament.

Although you can register at the fields, it really is discouraged, because we're trying to have the teams organized before Sunday.

August 28:
Added page with directions. Directions for local shop to purchase cleats pending.
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