The Sacred Bonds of Cleats and Plastic - September 16, 2001
Coed Hat Tournament Registration Form

To join, please IMMEDIATELY send or give a $10 check and this completed form Robert Konigsberg, 1 Washington Avenue, Apt 18-5B, Morristown, NJ 07960. Forms must be received no later than Saturday September 1st.  Latecomers may or may not be admitted, but if they are, it'll be $15, to be paid at the fields.

READ THIS: Any U.S. mail sent after August 25, CALL OR EMAIL letting me know what is coming!

Registration occurs from 9:30 to 10:30, the first game will start at 11:00 AM Sharp!

Questions? Call/email Rob: (973) 292-4937 or

Name___________________________________ Nicknames______________________
Address__________________________________ Home #________________________
________________________________________ Work #________________________
Email____________________________________ Gender ____________

Experience (1-7) ______ Skills (1-7)_________
1 = Beginner/learning to play 1 = Can't throw at all
2 = Casual Pickup/informal play 2 = Only backhand or forehand throw
3 = 1 or 2 years of league play 3 = Both backhand and forehand, inconsistent
4 = Some college or tournament experience 4 = Consistent throws, familiar with zone defense
5 = Competitive college/traveling club player, retired 6 or 7 5 = Comfortable playing handler; good defense
6 = Competitive at Regionals Level 6 = Break-mark throws; strong defensive play
7 = Play at the highest levels of Ultimate 7 = All throws accurate; great defense
* *
Athleticism (1-4)_______ Height________
1 = Poor, 2 = Average/Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Great Are you 18 or Older (Yes/No)? ____________

*Are you a UPA member? (If no, you must also include a separate check made out to the UPA, either $30 for the full year, $20 student, or $10 for a one-shot league deal) ________

How To Make Everybody Happy

  1. Do not ask Denise and Zach about the tournament – they don't know anything and all you'll do is piss everybody off.
  2. Make checks out to "Robert Konigsberg".
  3. No $$, no entry. If you show up to the tournament unpaid, I cannot guarantee that you will get a spot. So pay in advance if you can. It will help guarantee your spot, and you’ll save five bucks.
  4. This form may be e-mailed, faxed [call or email for fax number] or mailed, if you like. If you send payment separately from the application, include your name with the payment.