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Hand & Nail

Nails example 1
Caroline's expertise will always guarantee the finished article is as you would expect. Whether she does your nails personally or if you use one of her technicians, as she is constantly upgrading their skills.

Click here to see further examples of our work.

Caroline and her team enjoy a challenge and there seems to be no nails too difficult for her to tackle. From severely bitten nails (before and after) to overgrown cuticles. Caroline specialises in sculptured nails, without needing a nail tip. She also specialises in acrylic nails.

Although nails2go is always busy, the service is always accommodating and same day nail treatments are readily available.

Caroline has built a reputation for freehand nail art; her clients are often asked whether the artwork are transfers.

Natural nail care is also of importance to Nails2Go and we offer a natural nail care program to suit individual needs. Our manicures start from just £12.00

Natural Nail Care

Details : NNC offers diagnostic Natural Nail Care for every nail type. Includes heated gloves, cuticle care, hand massage, file and polish.

Allow : Depends on requirements. (Please allow 2 hours for full sets).

Cost :   Quick file and polish £8.00
  Quick file and polish with french   £12.00
  Varnish & top coat £5.00
  40 minute manicure   £12.00
  40 minute manicure with french   £16.00
  Luxury diagnostic manicure
Includes hand and arm massage
  Luxury diagnostic manicure with french   £22.00
  Warm paraffin wax treatment with any of
the above, additional


Gel Nails

Details : Nail extensions are the most natural looking of any extensions with long lasting results. Finished in a high gloss sealant. The team at nails2go are committed to giving you the best quality nails.We check our work throughout the process, to ensure you are delighted with the result. We offer a choice of the excellent standard of our nail technicians or, by special arrangement the unbeatable finish of our senior technicians

Allow : Depends on requirements, please allow 2 hours for full sets.


Cost :

False Nail Tip System

Gel Nail Tip System : Full Set
Technician rate £35.00
Director's £50.00
Sealed French Polish Finish  
Choice of various whites £6.00
Choice of subtle custom blend french
colours to suit any occasion
Natural Nail Gel
Gel overlay over natural nails £20.00
Gel overlay with french £25.00

Maintenance Regels for gel nails

To keep your nails looking great we recommend visits every three weeks although nail growth varies from person to person. Beyond four weeks we recommend a replacement set of nails.

Technician rate  
2 weekly regels from £13.00
3 weekly regels from £18.00
4 weekly regels from £22.00
Director's rate  
2 weekly regels from £17.00
3 weekly regels from £22.00
4 weekly regels from £26.00
Buff & seal, between regels
Nail repairs from £3.00
Removal of extensions
Includes nail conditioning

Tip Replacements
First nail replacement is free. Second and subsequent replacements charged at £2.00 per nail.

Temporary Solutions
When only a quickie will do, a last minute option for any special occasion. These can last up to 2 weeks.

Allow : 45 minutes.

Special occasion tip & seal £20.00
above, with french £25.00

Sculptured Formed Gel Nails

This specialised enhancement is excellent for bitten nails where a tip can not be applied, a formed support is used for product application.

Director's rate
Full set gel sculptured £50.00

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails by Creative : Full Set
Director's rate
Acrylic Full set sculptured £50.00
Acrylic Full set tips £45.00
Acrylic special offer with french tip £35.00
Acrylic french finish £6.00

Acrylic Infills

Technician rate
2 weekly infill from £12.00
3 weekly infill from £15.00
4 weekly infill from £18.00
Director's rate
2 weekly infill from £15.00
3 weekly infill from £18.00
4 weekly infill from £22.00

Nail Art

Freehand, per nail from £1.00
Airbrushed, 1 or 2 colours, per nail, from

Repairs for nails2go clients

Tip & French, between regels £5.00
Tip, no French £3.50
Fibreglass mend (for natural nails)

Non-client repairs (when we repair the work of another salon)

Tip & French, between regels £6.00
Tip, no French £5.00

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