A Hard Day's Night
Walter Shenson
Richard Lester
Alun Owen
In this movie the Beatles portray themselves, and show what life is like during Beatlemania. Alun Owen wrote the script and he did an excellent job of showing each Beatles persona through the character. The film was done in black and white because no one was sure if the Beatles would last, so they didn't want to spend extra money making it in color.
The movie opens with John, George and Ringo running through the streets from the fans to their train to the title song. Paul, and an older gentlemen (his grandfather) wait in disguise at the train station. The Beatles safely make it to the train and some of the funniest scenes occur here. Later, the boys go to their hotel where they are forced by their manager to sign fan mail. They sneak out to a club, but meanwhile, Paul's grandfather has used Ringo's invitation to attend a gambling club.
The rest of the movie shows the Beatles as they await a show and movie they are putting on. Press interviews,arguments with the director and other very funny run-ins occur.
Paul's grandfather then convinced Ringo to "go parading" and he leaves the studio and wanders around right up until show time. While the others are looking for him, Ringo winds up making all sort of errors and ends up in jail, and he is later joined by Paul's grandfather. Paul's grandfather escapes to round up the others to free Ringo. They do of course and the Beatles just make it to the show. They present a flawless show of course, and the movie ends.
  I am  cutting the story very short, but that is the basic plot summary. To put it in  one line: it is simply the Beatles, being Beatles.  They are hilarious and provide an amusing show. The movie shows each one's sense of comedy and the character representations are very accurate. This movie is a must see for all Beatles fans
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