The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Memories
DVD Competition
On August the 25th, WienerWorld will release the DVD: The Beatles- Magical Mystery Tour Memories. The DVD will feature Dame Peggy Spencer (choreographer), Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Do Da Band), Tony Barrow (Beatles press officer and close friend of Sir Paul McCartney), Mike McCartney (Paul McCartney’s brother), Freda Kelly (principle secretary to the Beatles Fan Club), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Tony Bramwell (Beatles road manager), and Victor Spinetti (actor and close friend of John Lennon) sharing their memories with Victor supplying a fascinating commentary to the film.  I have been given the opportunity to provide 3 lucky winners the chance to get this DVD for free!  (Who doesn't love free?!) 
So, here's what you have to do: Fill in the form and click send, jump through a hoop of fire, walk on hot coals, jump into a vat of ice water to cool off, and hang upside-down for 3 hours saying "I wish I could win this DVD".  Actually, you just have to click on the form and hit send...see how easy I make this for you?  I will sort through the replies and pick THREE lucky winners and email them for their address to send to the kind folks from WienerWorld and they will send the DVD.  Please note, if you are not comfortable giving your address to someone, please don't apply.  Also, I will give the winners 24 hours to respond with their addresses before I pick another winner in their place.  The competition will end on August 23rd, 2008.   Only apply ONCE.  If I see you apply more than once, I will eliminate you from the competition.  Here's a tip: Pithy will give you points; make your replies short and they will be more likely to attract positive attention.  For anyone who does not win, remember to order yours at:
The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour Memories.
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The competition has concluded.  Congratulations to the three winners, and I want to thank all of you for entering.  Please click the above link to order your copy today.