Walter Shenson
Richard Lester
Marc Behm and Christopher Wood
In this movie the Beatles play themselves, but the storyline is not real. This movie is comical, like the last one, but it lacks a bit of the originality of the first movie, probably because there is a different script writer, and because the story line is pretty weak.
The story of this movie places Ringo as the center of attention. He is sent a ring from a fan from the east. It is later found out that this is the ring that those who are to be sacrificed to a god, Kili, wear just before they are killed. The easterners find out it is Ringo and try to kill him to fulfill their obigation to the god, and of course Ringo  tries to stay alive.
That is the basic plot, and there are numerous funny things that happen to the Beatles. The easterners do a lot of quirky things to get to Ringo, and one of them tries to help Ringo live. The Beatles do everything to help Ringo get rid of the  ring, first they take him to a jeweler, then two mad scientists (one scientist is the same man that plays the director in Hard Days Night) who then join in on the chase of Ringo's ring, and the police. The  eastern traitor tries to use an injection to shrink Ringo's finger, but is startled and it hits Paul, and shrinks him completely, and the rest of the Beatles tell him to chop his finger off. In the end, Ringo is near execution (he is painted red as per tradition), but he shows he is brave and the ring just comes off  and he joins his friends.
The movie has quite a few  funny scenes and lines by the Beatles. They also use this  oppurtunity to travel around the world by asking the writer to write in a scene where they are someplace they wanted to go. So they are shown in the Alps skiing, and in the Bahamas.
This movie, while not as good as it's predecessor is still very entertaining and worthwhile. Unlike HDN, it is in color and shows the good looks of  each Beatle. It is apparent in this movie that the Beatles have been introduced to marijuana. They stated they were  frequently stoned during this  period and had lots of trouble remembering their lines and controlling their giggles. Never the less, the songs are excellent, and showed well, and it is a very comical movie
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