Important Events
July 7, 1940- Richard Starkey was born

October 9, 1940- John Winston Lennon was born

June 18, 1942- James Paul McCartney was born

February 25, 1943- George Harrison was born

May 24, 1956- Quarry Men give their first performance

October 31, 1956- Paul's Mother Mary dies of breast cancer at the age of 47.

July 6, 1957- John meets Paul at Woolton Parish Church

February 1958- Paul introduced George Harrison to the Quarry Men

July 15, 1958- Julia Lennon is struck and killed by an automobile driven by and off duty policemen

August 16, 1960- Pete Best becomes drummer

August 18, 1960- Arrive in Hamburg 

November 9, 1961- Brian Epstein goes to meet the Beatles at the cavern

December 3, 1961- Brian becomes manager

August 16, 1962- Brian tells Pete Best that he is replaced by Richard Starkey after the Beatles audition for Parlophone

August 23, 1962- John marries Cynthia Powell whom is already pregnant

September 4, 1962- Record first single "Love Me Do"

February 11, 1963- Beatles spend 12 hours recording their first LP "Please Please Me"

March 4, 1963- Third single "From Me To You/Thank You Girl" is recorded. It is the first single to be number one on every chart and sets the Beatles streak of consecutive number ones (up until the release of "Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane") 

April 8, 1963- John and Brian go to Spain, meanwhile John Charles Julian Lennon is born 

October 14, 1963- First declaration of Beatlemania in the press

November 4, 1963- The Beatles perform for the Royal Variety Show for the Royal Family. John makes this notororius remark before "Twist and Shout" : "Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you just rattle your jewelry."

November 22, 1963- New album With the Beatles is released. It makes British music history by going silver BEFORE it's release.

January 13, 1964- In America Capitol releases first Beatles single "I Want to Hold Your Hand/ I Saw Her Standing There". It becomes their first number one in the US.

February 7, 1964- Beatles leave for America. They are greeted by 3000 fans and 100 journalists at Kennedy Airport in NYC. Much commotion occurs.

February 9, 1964- Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in front of 73 million viewers.

March 2, 1964- Filming begins for Beatles first movie "A Hard Days Night"

March 23, 1964- John's first book, "In His Own Write" is issued

June 4, 1964- Jimmy Nicol replaces Ringo as drummer after his collapse. Ringo will return on the 14th of June.

June 8, 1964- Hard Day's Night LP is released

August 12, 1964-
Hard Day's Night premieres in 500 theaters

October 4, 1964-
Brian Epstein's autobiography "A Cellarful Of Noise" is published

February 11, 1965- Ringo marries Maureen Cox

April 6, 1965- Release of Beatles for Sale LP

June 12, 1965- Beatles are notified that they are going to be made Member of the British Empire (MBE)

June 24, 1964- A Spaniard In the Works, John's second book is published
July 29, 1965- Help movie is released

August 6, 1965- Help LP is released

August 13, 1965- Fly to NY where they meet Bob Dylan and are introduced to marijuana

August 15, 1965- Beatles perform in the first stadium concert at Shea Stadium in NYC. They play 12 songs in 30 minutes in front of 56, 000 screaming fans.

August 25, 1965- Begin experimenting with LSD

December 1, 1965- Release of Rubber Soul

January 21, 1966- George marries Patricia Boyd

March 4, 1966- John makes his infamous "Christ Statement" to Maureen Cleave. He says, "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I'm right and will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first, rock and roll or Christianity." This statement creates an uproar in the US and fans begin protesting and burning Beatles memoribilia.

April 6, 1966- Recording begins for new album, Revolver. This is the most technical album yet and the Beatles use new song inspiration LSD to write. Most songs cannot be reproduced on stage.

June 15, 1966- Capitol releases "Yesteday and Today" with it's infamous "butcher cover". The album is recalled and the original becomes a coveted collector's item.

July 4, 1966- Beatles play for their largest audience, 100000 fans in the Philippines. they do not show up for a party at the Presidential Palace hosted by Imelda Marcos Chaos occurs after this as it is perceived that the Beatles snubbed the royal family. The Beatles leave the Philippines unprotected when going back to their plane. They lose all the money made from the performance.

July 31, 1966- John's "Christ Statement" is published in the US and chaos follows

August 5, 1966- Revolver is released

August 29, 1966- Performance at Candlestick Park in San Fransisco is filmed. This is the last live performance to a paying Beatles audience.

November 8, 1966- John meets Yoko Ono at the Indica Art Gallery

November 9, 1966- Paul is involved in an automobile accident. This accident was believed to be fatal by those believing in the "Paul is dead" rumour.
February 17, 1967- Release of "Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever". It fails to reach number one despite extensive promotion. The promotional video shows very different looking Beatles with a very different sound. No longer are they moptoped, singing cheery love songs, all now have moustaches, and John is now wearing his infamous "granny glasses".

June 1, 1967- A milestone in the music industry. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is released. The album took the longest of any Beatles album to record. It features new sounds and song messages, and great ideas that have never been tried. The BBC banned 3 songs off of it, " Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Fixing a Hole, and A Day In the Life" because they believed they promoted drugs the Beatles and the generation was taking at the time, like LSD and marijuana.

June 19, 1967- Paul creates a disruption when he freely admits to using LSD

June 25, 1967- Approximately 400 million people around the world watch the Beatles on the "Our World" a satellite production. The Beatles perform and record "All You Need Is Love" live. 

August 25, 1967- Beatles and assorted camp take a train to Bangor, Wales to study Transcendental Meditation under Maharashi Mahesh Yogi.

August 27, 1967- Brian Epstein, 32, is found dead in his bed from a drug overdose. The Beatles return to London.

September 11, 1967- Filming begins for the film "Magical Mystery Tour"

November 27, 1967- LP Magical Mystery Tour is released

December 4, 1967- Beatles open Apple Boutique. On the building is a painted mural that is seen throughout London. However, it was determined to be too flamboyant and the Beatles repaint it white.

December 25, 1967- Jane Asher, Paul's longtime girlfriend and Paul are engaged

February 16, 1968- George, Patti, John and Cynthia arrive in Rishikesh, India to study TM with Maharashi. Paul and Ringo and company join them three days later.

May 16, 1968- John sends a telegram to Cynthia in Italy declaring he is divorcing her

July 17, 1968- Premeire of Yellow Submarine a cartoon movie of the Beatles

July 31, 1968- Apple Boutique closes

October 18, 1968- John and Yoko are arrested for possession of marijuana in Ringo's flat

November 9, 1968- Release of John and Yoko's "Two Virgins". The couple appears naked on the album cover and has to be distributed hidden by a brown paper bag.

November 22, 1968- The Beatles, better known as the White Album is released. The album is the Beatles first double disc LP and it contains songs written while with the Maharashi. The album caused quite a stir because of it's difference from other Beatles album and it has songs that Charles Manson claims led him to commit his infamous murders.

November 28, 1968- Yellow Submarine LP is released

January 2, 1969- Filming and recording for new album, Get Back,as it was then titled, begins

January 31, 1969- Studio work is complete for Let It Be

March 12, 1969- Paul and Linda Eastman are married. George and Patti are arrested for cannabis possession.

March 20, 1969- John and Yoko flly to Gibraltar to get married. The next day they begin their bed-in for peace. What occurred during those days is detailed in his song, "The Ballad of John and Yoko".

June 1, 1969- John records "Give Peace A Chance" in a Monteal Hotel during another bed-in

August 28, 1969- Linda gives birth to Mary McCartney

September 26, 1969- Abbey Road, the Beatles last recorded LP is released. George's compositions are his finest yet, and the album itself is a compromise. John has his way with side one, as the songs are unconnected and straight rock, and on side two Paul gets his way as all the songs are connected to form a medley.

October 12, 1969- In Detroit, a DJ reports that Paul died in 1966 and it is proven in the songs and pictures of the Beatles from Revolver on.

October 16, 1969- Beatles give up battle for control of Northern Songs

November 25, 1969- John returns his MBE to the Queen to protest the British government's involvement in Vietnam and Biafra. He also, as a joke, states that his single "Cold Turkey" position in the charts is a reason for the protest as well.

December 19, 1969-
John and Yoko post their "WAR IS OVER, if you want it- Happy Christmas from John and Yoko" billboards in 11 big cities.

January 16, 1970- Scotland Yard confiscates 8 of John's lithographs saying they are pornographic.

April 10, 1970- Paul's self interview that was included in his solo album leaks out. In the interview Paul declares he is separated from the Beatles.

April 12, 1970- Paul established his own production company: McCartney Productions Ltd. (MPL)

April 17, 1970- Paul's solo album, McCartney, is released. John declares that Paul's interview claiming that he quit the Beatles is a publicity stunt and that he had quit months earlier.

May 8, 1970- Let it Be the LP is released

May 13, 1970- Let It Be the film has it's premiere

July 7, 1970- Louise Harrison, George's mother dies of cancer with George at her side

November 5, 1970-
Paul files a suit against John, George, Ringo, Allen Klein, and Apple to dissolve the band. The case takes 4 years to complete.