Live At the BBC
Story Behind the Album
    This album is different from the previous ones. It does not contain a collection of Beatles songs from the studio, but rather it is a collection of live songs. The songs come from the Beatles time at the BBC. The album is extensive. It contains some 69 entries, although not all of them are songs. Many of the items on the cd are the Beatles simply talking. Although this may sound like a downfall of the cd, it actually is a positive thing. The Beatles, besides being known for their music were so big because of other things as well. One was their hair, and  another was their charm and sense of humor. They were very very funny and it is evident on this cd and the extensive volumes of cds that contain interviews.
  The cd comes with a booklet that gives  quotes about all of the songs, and it is much like the booklet in the anthology  cds. The booklet is a nice touch to the  cd as it has some very nice pictures and some nice words about the fab four as well.
  The songs on the album are usually either remakes or are songs from  early in their  career as the cd does not have songs that extend beyond 1965. It is interesting to hear them perform these songs, and their love for rock-n-roll is very apparent from the way they handle these songs.  Some of the best ones include "Some Other Guy", "That's Allright Mama", "Long Tall Sally", and "Johnny B. Goode" from teh first cd. There are others that are good as well, but these seem to be the  standouts.
  On the second disc,  there are many more originals, and they come in streaks.  Paul sings for about 4 or 5 songs, then John also has a section of the same length  were his songs are featured. George and Ringo are not left out of the recordings and they join in on a number of songs as well. Some of the best songs on disc two are "Roll Over Beethoven, Things We Said Today, The Hippy Hippy Shake, I Feel Fine, I'm A Loser, and the Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey medley.
  This album is not a must have like some of the others, but it is worthwhile. The dialogue is especially funny, and the songs are very worthwhile to listen to. This cd shows that in the early days they could rock and had a great sense of what great rock-n-roll is.
Track Listing
Disc One
1. Beatle Greetings
2. From Us To You
3. Riding On A Bus
4. I Got A Woman [Charles]
5. Too Much Monkey Business [Berry]
6. Keep Your Hands Off Of My Baby [Goffin/King]
7. I'll  Be On My Way
8. Young Blood [Leiber/Stroller/Pomus]
9. A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues [Thompson]
10. Sure To Fall In Love [Perkins/Claunch/Cantrell]
11. Some Other Guy [Leiber/Stroller/Barrett]
12. Thank  You Girl
13. Sha La La La La!
14. Baby Its You [David/Bacharach/Williams]
15. That's  Allright (Mama) [Crudup]
16. Carol [Berry]
17. Soldier Of Love [Cason/Moon]
18. A Little Rhyme
19. Clarabella [Pingatora]
20. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry [Thomas/Biggs]
21. Crying, Waiting, Hoping [Holly]
22. Dear Wack!
23. You Really Got A Hold On Me [Robinson]
24. To Know Her Is To Love Her [Spector]
25. A Taste Of Honey [Marlow/Scott]
26. Long Tall Sally [Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell]
27. I Saw Her Standing There
28. The Honeymoon Song [Theodoratkis/Sansom]
29. Johnny B. Goode [Berry]
30. Memphis, Tennessee [Berry]
31. Lucille [Collins/Penniman]
32. Can't Buy Me Love
33. From Fluff To You
34. Til There Was You [Willson]
Disc Two
1. Crinsk Dee Night
2. A Hard Day's Night
3. Have A Banana!
4. I Wanna Be Your Man
5. Just A Rumour
6. Roll Over Beethoven [Berry]
7. All My Loving
8. Things We Said Today
9. She's A Woman
10. Sweet Little 16 [Berry]
11. 1822!
12. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes [J and D Burnette/Burlison/Mortimer]
13. Nothin' Shakin' [Fontaine/Calacras/Campert/Gluck]
14. The Hippy Hippy Shake [Romero]
15. Glad All Over [Bennett/Tepper/Schroeder]
16. I Just Don't Understand [Wilkin/Westberry]
17. So How Come(No One Loves You) [Bryant]
18. I Feel Fine
19. I'm A Loser
20. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [Perkins]
21. Rock-N-Roll Music [Berry]
22. Ticket To Ride
23. Dizzy Miss Lizzy [Williams]
24. Medley: Kansas City [Leiber/Stoller]/ Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! [Penniman]
25. Set Fire To That Lot!
26. Matchbox [Perkins]
27. I Forgot To Remember To Forget [Kesler/Feathers]
28. Love These Goon Shows!
29. I Got To Find My Baby [Berry]
30. Ooh! My Soul [Penniman]
31. Ooh! My Arms
32. Don't Ever  Change [Goffin/King]
33. Slow Down [Williams]
34. Honey Don't! [Perkins]
35. Love Me Do
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