Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles
The Beatles
The Beatles
This movie was taken after the Beatles had been introduced to mind expanding drugs, specifically acid. The affect of the drug is apparent on their musical work as well as in this movie. The movie was actually an hour long special released on Boxing Day 1967. It was a disaster for the Beatles. With the release of "Sgt. Pepper", the Beatles were at the  top of their game. But with Magical Mystery Tour, many believed they carried their  great ideas of Sgt. Pepper to an exteme.
  The plot of the movie, if their really is one, is that the Beatles and a group of people go on this trip on a bus. They do not know where they are going and come across and do a lot of strange things. The Beatles play themselves again, yet appear disguised and play other  characters, like the magicians.
  The movie is less than lack luster and it is obvious why it was panned so badly by the critics. It does have some good moments though and is worth veiwing. One of the highlights is the performance of "I Am The Walrus", and "Your Mother Should Know", during the latter of which Paul wears a black corsage one of the clues to his supposed death. "Blue Jay Way" is shown pretty interestingly as is "The Fool On the HIll". It is also interesting to see the Beatles customed.
  This movie is no where near as a good as the previous ones, but given some things going on in that   time it is understandable.  First their was the pressures of Sgt. Pepper, then they went off to do transcendental meditation with the Marahishi, and of course, a main problem was the loss of Brian Epstein. Brian was a great help to their movies previously, and his lacking presence is felt.
  With all it's shortcomings, I would still recommend Beatles fans to see it. It shows how things were at that time, and is also a chance to see the Beatles on film which is always good.
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