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Volume One
Story Behind the Album
     This album, along with it's sister album, Volume 2 is a collection of the Beatles singles not available on the albums.  This one contains the songs from the very early days of 1962 and "Love Me Do" and it finishes with "I'm Down" from 1965.  The album does not provide too much fluency but it does have many benefits.  First is that these songs are not available on a record, for someone who  wasn't around when the Beatles were releasing singles, this becomes the most efficient way to hear the singles. The singles are very important because they are released to entice the public to buy the album therefore, the single has to be their best work. The Beatles did not usually, especially in the early day, include the single on the albums, this is because they wanted them to be all new material.  Another bonus of these albums is the construction of them. Although they do not provide fluency, the do, because they are basically chronological, show the progression in a very clear way.
  This album contains a variety of songs, ranging from the original "Love Me Do" single, to the german releases of "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" to the  rocker "I'm Down".  Almost all of these songs are top notch Beatles songs with a few standing out as being spectactular.  Among the spectacular are "This Boy", "Long Tall Sally", "I Feel Fine" and "I'm Down". "This Boy" was the B-side of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and I feel this song is even better. "This Boy" is a first look at John, Paul's and George's harmony together. In the middle John provides a magnificent chorus full of grace and power and it is truly moving.  During A Hard Day's Night, this song was renamed "Ringo's Theme", after the musical version was used during his lonely walk.  "Long Tall Sally", a song redone from Little Richard, is Paul at his loudest. This song is a rocker in every sense of the  word and it features Paul delivering a gut wrenching, wailing vocal complete with falsettos (it is not unlike John's work with "Twist and Shout"). "I Feel Fine" is another great song on this album. It has a terrific beat, and the beginning features the first experiment with feedback. The song has a very catchy guitar riff, and John provides a stellar vocal. "I'm Down" is Paul's own version of "Long Tall Sally". It was used many times as a show closer, and it  is almost as rocky as "Sally".  Perhaps the most notorious version of that song is during the Shea Stadium performance of it, in which John forgets words, sings the wrong part, and plays the piano with his elbows. The performance is captivating and so is the song. Other good songs include "I'll Get You", a great harmony song for John and Paul, "She Loves You", one of their greatest hits in the early days with it's catchy "yeah yeah yeah" phrase, "I Want to Hold Your Hand", which broke the US barrier, and "She's A Woman" another rocker by Paul.
  This album is definitely one to have, especially if you have the other 13  albums.  The album itself  explains the songs a little as well. This album is a great one, although it wasn't made until  1988, and the Beatles didn't  have much say about it, but it is comprehensive and a pleasure to listen to.
Track Listing
1. Love Me Do
2. From Me to You
3. Thank You Girl
4. She Loves You
5. I'll Get You
6. I Want To Hold Your Hand
7. This Boy
8. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
9. Sie Liebt Dich
10. Long Tall Sally [Penniman]
11. I Call Your Name
12. Slow Down [Williams]
13. Matchbox [Perkins]
14. I Feel Fine
15. She's A Woman
16. Bad Boy [Williams]
17. Yes It Is
18. I'm Down
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