Please Please Me
Story Behind the Album
This album is the first made by the Beatles.  It was considered somewhat radical for its time because it had so many original songs on it, including the first two singles, "Love Me Do" and "Please Please Me".  "Please Please Me" , the single, went to number one in Britain and was the reason for the making of this album,hence the title. It was customary for an artist or group to make an album surrounded by a couple of hit singles and some filler at a time when they were popular.  Please Please Me was an exception as there really is no "filler" as each track it of good quality. 

Interestingly, the album was recorded in ONE day.  The Beatles worked straight through their lunch break and also notable was the fact that they were each sick with fairly strong colds.  An engineer told a humorous story of this all day Beatles session when he stated the on the piano was several packs of cough drops and throat lozenges and also several packs of cigarettes.

The album opens with a rocker sung and mainly wrote by Paul who provides the standard "1,2,3,4.." count in and gets the album on its way. From there, there is a variety of songs either written by John and Paul or one of their idols, and some are sung by George or Ringo. George gets the spotlight in the songs "Chains" and "Do you want to know a secret" and Ringo sings the hilarious song "Boys" (it is funny when you consider what he is singing).  In the middle are the two singles and the album closes with the notorious rocker, "Twist and Shout".  This song was saved as the last one as they knew that John, with his cold, would lose his voice after the first take. Therefore, everything had to be perfect on the first take,there would be no other, and luckily it was.
Track Listing
1. I Saw Her Standing There
2. Misery
3. Anna (Go to him) [Alexander]
4. Chains [Goffin/King]
5. Boys [Dixon/Farrell]
6. Ask Me Why
7. Please Please Me
8. Love Me Do
9. P.S. I Love You
10. Baby It's You [David/Williams/Bacharach]
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret
12. A Taste Of Honey [Scott/Marlow]
13. There's A Place
14. Twist And Shout [Medley/Russell]
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