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Made in the Shade...
Made in the Shade... contains all of the options available in the Hex Color Editor and takes it's color shading capacity one step further by applying shades to Text. And since this is accomplished without the use of graphics files, you get faster loading of your Colorful Web Page. Choosing from the 24m color palette, create custom color schemes by blending virtually any two colors and then applying the blend to Text. Text may be entered on the screen or pasted from the clipboard. Options include Fonts, Size, Bold and Italic. Preview your creation, and when it is ready... With a click of the mouse, your Shaded Text is converted to HTML code and placed on the clipboard for pasting to your HTML file. If you've been looking for colorful layouts and speed with minimal effort, you've got it Made in the Shade...

Made in the Shade... also has the capacity to create graphic images and place them on the clipboard for manipulation with the  image editor of choice. The decorative separators on this page are an example. The image was created 1 pixel vertical and 50 pixels horizontal (683 bytes jpg) , using mirrored horizontal shading, and then manipulated in code to produce the separators. The background image for this page was also created 1 pixel wide and 600 high (893 bytes jpg) using Made In the Shade. Options for graphic images include pixel dimensions, horizontal or vertical shading, and mirroring. With a full palette to choose from, possibilities are limited only by your imagination.




This free download is fully functional for generating Hex Color Values from the Color Bar and shading box, and for viewing shaded text. Registered versions allow pasting of images to the work area for determing hex color values within the pasted image; generation of HTML code for shaded text; and creation of shaded images. The registration fee is $10.00 (US) and is payable by Cheque drawn on a US bank, Money Order, Visa or Master/Card, using the Registration form within the program. Credit card orders may be submitted by E-MAIL. Use the Copy for E-MAIL option to encrypt your registration and then paste it to an e-mail message. Registered users will receive e-mail notification of Free upgrades. Made in the Shade... requires the VBRUN300.DLL file (included with Windows '95). Search, you may already have it.


Download (30k) MadNShad.ZIP

Download (225 k) VBRUN300.ZIP



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