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How To Rock Climb

    Here is the core manual in the How To Rock Climb series. A helpful book for all beginners and those wishing to review basics.


Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills

    This is a veritable "climbing Bible" - with so much information, Alex Lowe called it an incredible compilation.  


Climbing Anchors

    The last word on anchor and removable protection skills. I have read it twice, and would reccommend it to any climber who wants to learn about nut and cam placements, anchor redundancy, and equalization techniques. (And If you can't say off the bat what "S.R.E.N.E." stands for, you definately should buy this book.)


Fifty Classic Climbs

    THIS BOOK is SO Incredibly Incredib.....
50 Classic Climbs, no need to say more!


Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1999

    This book has been a well-respected and invaluable tool for many people's emergency preparedness.  There is no better way to avert catastrophe than by studying first-hand accounts.



    Another helpful handbook in the How-To Rock Climb series. This book is packed with clear instructions on emergency topics like how to ascend ropes, escape from a belay, arrest falls, and is the most recommended Self-Rescue guide.


Gym Climb!

    Another helpful handbook in the How-To Rock Climb series. One of if not the fastest-growing sport in America, indoor rockclimbing is a great, and personally-recommended way to introduce yourself to the vertical realm! Get the book, know your stuff, and get out pumping plastic!



    An all-around technical climbing resource.


Handbook of Climbing

    A distinguished all-arounder, PACKED with need-to-know material on lots and lots of topics.



    This book is not new, but is a totally rad and still inspiring book on sick bouldering and it's progression. The guy who wrote this was way ahead of his time.


X-Games; Rocked Out!

    Like the X-Games on ESPN and you'll want this book on the climbing COMP. Too bad there wasn't much TV coverage of the bouldering and speed climbing, but this might just supplement that for you, (and me).


RockClimbing w/Trailside

    I have the Trailside video on climbing the Grand Teton, and I must say the photography was really quality. This series is aimed mainly at the beginner-intermediate climber, which means it's not too "techie" - just some nice stuff to read.


Climbing in North America

    The cover photo is sweet. Check it out for yourself!


Climbing Rock and Ice: Learning the Vertical Dance

    I've read a hell of a lot of this book! (the thing is big). The aim of this book is to cover all the realms of climbing in a single text, much like Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills.


Free Climbing Guide

    The sport of Freeclimbing - [Translated: (1)to climb with ropes, but with no mechanical aid in ascension. (2)Novice-Slang for the ritual of "soloing"]


Bouldering with Bobbi Bensman

    Make no mistake - this is a great book for anyone interested in bouldering technique. It's also the best one of it's kind I've seen written by a woman climber. This is great inspiration to the new generation of climbing "hard-girls" out there! Any birthdays coming up?


Learn Rock Climbing in a Weekend

    Learn Microsoft Windowstm in a weekend, OOPS... I mean buy this if you want to learn to Rock Climb in a weekend. :)


Rock Climbing Basics

    This is a well-composed book to guide you through the potentially perilous beginnings of your rock-climbing excitement.


SportClimbing - Robyn Erbesfield

    I don't think this virtual bookstore would be complete without a sport-climbing guide, especially one written by Robyn Erbesfield.


Rock Climbing

    This is a great book for any climber, but especially to the beginner/weekend warrior, all other climbing instruction books will take a back-seat to this one. Seeing it arrive in the mail will be enough inspiration for anyone to go out and climb, climb, climb!


Rock Climbing - Outdoor Pursuits Series

    Another how-to climb book with great reviews, I have not read this one, (Freedom of the Hills was enough for me!), but I want to include a great selection for you at this CT Climbing Bookstore!


Fall of the Phantom Lord

    Andrew Todhunter's introspective writing on the nature of risk. The book follows the life of Dan Osman, famous climber, free-soloist and roped-jumper, over a span of a few years.  In complementary fashion, Todhunter contrasts Osman's existence with that of his own lifestyle. A great book that suggests why we take risks - "because we want to really live."

    Sadly, Dan Osman was killed in November, 1998 while attempting a record free-fall in Yosemite. To know of this tragedy, I think, transformed this book's significance, as it was published before his death.


Into Thin Air

    The most recent of Jon Krakauer's brilliant and powerful works, this book's revue has been touted around the world, from "Good Morning America" to Prime Climb Rock Gym.  It is on my "to-read" list, not because of the hype, but because of Krakauer's brilliant work below, Into the Wild, which I couldn't put down.  (I finished it in just two days).


Into the Wild

    This is a book which resulted from award-winning reporting in Outside Magazine. Jon Krakauer writes about Chris McCandless, a young, very philosophical and idealistic person. He leaves his family, without notice, to discover an adventure.  They search for him, but find him too late.   An incredible story about one guy who needs to find himself, and forget about beaurocratic bullshit.   A dramatic novel filled with Krakauer's crystalline storytelling.