McConnell's Mill State Park, Pennsylvania

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My life has recently taken me to Morgantown, Wv at West Virginia University...New Poison, check out my new Cooper's Rocks bouldering page..makes this site look stone-age

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McConnells Mill is a wonderful park about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh where there are many diverse opportunities for activity. Here is the mill house itself. This was once used to grind grain.

Mill Picture

Some of the activies revolve around the fast waters of the mill "Kayaking, and Fishing". These whitewaters are a hot spot to many adventurers. However, my main focus at the mill is on the rocks; rock climbing and bouldering. The Mill is home to scores of classic boulder problems and top rope problems. There are also several sport climbs in secluded areas for those who wish to lead. However, the Mill is not lead climb friendly, the rock is soft, and there are very little cracks...


My bouldering guide includes beta to some of the classics at the main Rim Road area climbing. Also, it includes directions to many of the know climbing areas, also, there is some snap shots of other areas, in which you will not find listed in any guide book, however, they are at the Mills somewhere "Its a big park". Enjoy my page.

Much Information was sourced from Classic Rock Climbs: McConnells Mill State Park: Bob Value, Falcon:99. The guide book kicks as just as its printer. Bob Thank you for being such a cool person.

I highly suggest purchasing this guide, it covers alot of rock in detail...I have book review on this on the inner part of my page.Main Bouldering Page

Rock Climbing is can be harzardous, If you are stupid enough to think that it isnt, then your a real moron, don't be stupid, and don't think that because of my page "for some odd reason" that your superman or something, you can't fly, and you can die if you try to rock climb... "DUH!" Don't be a moron out there, its everyone's access that your threatening.