Presented by Dr Clinton Bennett


Paper presented at the World 2000 Conference, Austin, Texas USA Feb 11 – 12th, 2000

"Islamic Imperialism"

Two papers presented at the International Coalition for Religious Freedom Conference, Berlin, Germany May 29 – 31 1998

"Religious Liberty: The UK Context"

"Religious Minorities: Threat or Challenge?"

Paper on a Christian Appreciation of Muhammad delivered in Jerusalem, 20th December 2003 at the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Symposium,“Considering the Root Causes of Conflict and the Path to Lasting Peace?" .


Paper presented at the United Nations Headquarters, IIFWP Colloquium, Towards Common Ground: Civil Society in support of the 2005 World Summit Outcomes, delegates dining hall United Nations Headquarters, NY Friday 23rd September 2005

Difference is Not Diabolical