The War on Terrorism: Operation Enduring Freedom

George Bush's Address to the UN General Assembly 10/11/01

Who is Bin Laden? from the BBC

Osama Bin Laden's fatwa calling on Muslim to kill Americans and their allies

Osama Bin Laden on the West

The hizb-ut-tahrir (Islamic Liberation Party) is a useful site for Muslim responses broadly opposed to the U.S.A. Its communique of 9/10/2001 says that the USA and Britain have declared war on Islam.

Blair's Statement to the House of Commons, 14/09/01

Tony Blair's Meeting with Muslim Leaders

The Italian P. M's comments on Islam and the West

Atlantic Monthly Bernard Lewis' 'The Roots of Muslim Rage' article in The Atlantic Monthly published September 1990

For an overview of the 2003 Gulf War, see The History Guy

For resources on teaching about 9/11, see Clarke Center for the Study of Contemporary Issues

For the official US Government commission report on 9/11. see 9/11 Commission Report

My article (with Geros Kunkel) on war, violence and jihadin Islam Go to this article

A comprehensive 'war on terror' site from the University of Michigan Documents Center America's War Against Terrorism

The BBC's War in Iraq page Go to "In Depth: The Struggle for Iraq"

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