Welcome to my site that is mainly dedicated to the anime show, Sailor Moon.
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Hola y'all!
Hope you like my site that's devoted to Sailor Moon and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (and such). If you ever want to contact me, email me back at cliohotaru@yahoo.com - feel free to give any comments. Oh plus, if anyone spots a boo-boo on
anything in here, please let me know. Thankies!
Just so you know, this site is only about 70% done. I have a ton of pictures that I have to put on here. Plus, being that I'm putting so much on here, you may have to refresh the page a few times. Either way, you better hope you have a fast
connection. Gracias hoomat. Ciao
Now I have things color coded. Each Character has her or his own color, so you better keep track of them (yeah right!)
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Last updated: Mon. December 13, 2004