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Kitty Cloning

Do you wish that you could have another cat just like Mittens? Many places are trying to fulfill that wish and there is even speculation it could happen within a year! Some pet owners have begun paying more than $1,000 to save their cat's DNA. There are several places online that give you more information on this biotech engineering. You can type in "pet cloning" in a search engine or visit such sites as: www.savingsandclone.com, www.lazaron.com, or www.perpetuate.net.

Cat Furniture

Do you think you have seen it all when it comes to cat furniture? There are beds, chairs, couches and more. When it comes to our beloved cats we often want them to have furniture that goes with the rest of the homes décor. Now we have a real convertible futon for cats. The bed size is 30" x 36" and has a solid oak frame and a machine washable removable cover. The futons are made in the USA and you may get more information at www.petfutons.com.

Cat Laws (Humorous)

Law of Obedience Resistance: a cat's resistance varies in proportion to a human's desire for her to do something.

First Law of Energy Conservation: cats know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and will, therefore, use as little energy as possible.

Second Law of Energy Conservation:cats also know that energy can only be stored by a lot of napping.

Law of Refrigerator Observation: if a cat watches a refrigerator long enough, someone will come along and take out something good to eat.

Law of Electric Blanket Attraction: turn on an electric blanket and a cat will jump into bed at the speed of light.

Law of Random Comfort Seeking: a cat will always seek, and usually take over, the most comfortable spot in any given room.

Law of Bag/Box Occupancy: all bags and boxes in a given room must contain a cat within the earliest possible nanosecond.

Law of Cat Intertia - A cat at rest will tend to remain at rest, unless acted upon by some outside force, such as the opening of cat food, or a nearby scurrying mouse.

Law of Cat Motion - A cat will move in a straight line, unless there is a really good reason to change direction.

Law of Furniture Replacement - A cat's desire to scratch furniture is directly proportional to the cost of the furniture.

Law of Cat Composition - A cat is composed of Matter + Anti- matter + It Doesn't Matter.

Law of Cat Obedience - As yet undiscovered.


Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered what was going on in its head? If you are befuddled by your cat's personality or behavior, then you may want to have some fun and check out the new book, "Pamistry: How to Read Your Cat's Paws," by Ken Ring and Paul Romhany.

This fun book explores both the "physical cat" (paws, pads, claws, scratching, colors and skull) and the "psychic cat" (numerology and astrology). You can find this book in your local bookstores, by calling 1-800-841-2665, or online at www.tenspeed.com.

No Pets Allowed to My Cat Allowed

Do you rent your home or are you about ready to start looking for a place to rent? Sometimes finding a place that will allow pets can be a problem, though more and more landlords are realizing that not all pets are destructive and that one bad apple should not spoil the whole bunch. If a private landlord has a dwelling you are interested in, see if you can talk to him or her about the no-pet policy. Explain to your potential landlord that your cat is up to date on all its shots, and offer a veterinarian's recommendation or even a pet deposit. Sometimes you can go from "no pets allowed" to "your cat allowed."

Nine Lives: A Journal For Cats

Do you keep a personal journal in which to record your memories? Now you can get a journal for your cat! Nine Lives: A Journal For Cats is wonderful for recording those special moments when your cat does something special or entertaining. This journal, illustrated by Louise Reinoehl Max, and published by Gibbs Smith, combines wonderful images with prompts for your reminisces such as, "Creature of the night, when the moon rises, my cat likes to..." You can include your cat's special likes and dislikes as well as those special times together to create a keepsake you'll treasure forever.

Movie Cats

If you saw the hit movies "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" you had to take note of Dr. Evil's cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Both of these movies featured a Sphynx cat (a hairless breed). In both movies, a cat "actor" by the name of Ted Nude-gent played Mr. Bigglesworth. In the sequel, a Sphynx kitten, whose real name is Mel Gibskin, joined Ted to play the companion of Mini-Me.

Skin Dictionary

If your cat has skin problems, here are some terms that you may have heard and should become familiar with:

Alopecia: partial or complete lack of hair where normally present.

Atopic: an inherited tendency toward allergic reactions.

Pruritis: the sensation that elicits the desire to scratch; itchiness.

Pyoderma: any pus-forming skin disease.

Seborrhea: a skin condition in which there is too much oil (sebum) produced.


If you are thinking of adding another cat to your household, you may want to direct your Web browser to www.Petfinder.com. This wonderful Web site features animal shelters from around the nation. You can search for your new pal by distance from your home or by breed. You may be surprised at the number of purebred cats listed here. A lot of the cats have pictures, so you don't have to wonder if someone else's idea of medium hair is the same as yours. There are also icons that show you if the cat is good with kids, other cats, dogs, or if it has special needs.

Is It An Emergency?

Though your cat may appear sick, you may not be sure if her condition warrants an immediate trip to the emergency vet clinic, or if it could wait until the regular vet's office is open. Here are some signs that your cat may warrant a trip to the emergency room:

Seizure, fainting, or collapse.

Eye injury, no matter how mild.

Vomiting or diarrhea that occurs more than two or three times within an hour or so.

Any suspected poisoning, including antifreeze, snail or rodent bait, or human medication.

An open or bleeding wound.

Traumatic injury, such as being hit by a car. Sometimes an animal may seem to be fine, such as after being hit by a car. However, there could be internal injuries that need immediate veterinary attention.

Be Prepared For Emergencies

If your cat is sick at midnight do you know where to take him? Be prepared before an emergency hits. Check if your veterinarian hospital is open 24 hours a day, or if staff is always on call in case of an emergency. If your veterinarian does not offer after-hours care, his or her office usually works with one that does. Learn the location of the nearest emergency-care center, and put the phone number in a place where you can easily find it.

Older Cats And Grooming

If your cat's a senior citizen, you may notice a change in his coat. As a cat grows older, arthritis may limit his mobility and affect his ability to groom certain areas. Bad teeth or gums can make grooming painful as well. Changes in hormone levels can change the texture of the skin and hair. If you notice mats in your cat's coat or a change in texture, take him to the veterinarian to have blood work done to screen for problems.

Taking Your Cat On Vacation

Do you want to take your cat with you on a long weekend or vacation? Now there is a place on the Web where you can find cat-friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, emergency veterinarians, boarding kennels, and other travel-related resources regarding cats. Head to petswelcome.com where you can get the above information as well as make online reservations for certain hotels and check a list of pet policies for every major airline. There is also a reader exchange board with travel tips.

Odor Free

Does your cat suffer from bad breath, body odors, or litter box odors? If your vet cannot find anything physically wrong with your cat, you may want to try the product, Odor Free. Simply spritz it on your cat's food. Most cats enjoy its tuna flavor and will eat the food without fuss. You may see a difference within days, and within 30 days 95-100 percent of the odors are gone. Odor Free is made with 100 percent natural active ingredients and is safe for cats of all ages.

Reasons Owners Surrender Cats to Shelters

Owners hand their cats over to shelters for many reasons. The worst excuse I have ever heard is, "We redecorated and the cat no longer matches the furnishings." Believe it or not, this has been heard more than once. The most common reasons are listed below.

Too many cats in the house.

Allergies in the family.

Owner is moving.

Cost to maintain the cat.

Landlord does not allow pets.

Unspayed mother produced a litter.

Soiling in the house.

Owner having personal problems.

Inadequate facilities for the cat.

Doesn't get along with other pets.


In Masterson, New Zealand, Dr. Heidi Ward-McGrath, a veterinarian came up with a campaign against cat overpopulation with a weeklong free neuter-thon. During that week, she neutered 232 tomcats. To add a unique twist to the campaign, she offered the following prizes to the tom from whom she relieved the largest "family jewels": a two-month supply of cat food, a cat bed, and several toys. And for the cat's owners, a bottle of wine and box of Belgian chocolates. The winner was a cat named Black Jack.

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Mark your calendars for the week of November 5-11, as it is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. This is the perfect week to show your support by making a donation of money, food, supplies, or your time to your local animal shelter. Many shelters need general office supplies, cleaners, garbage bags, and such, as well as food and cat litter. Show your appreciation for an often-thankless job by acknowledging the impact the shelter makes in your community.

American Animal Care Foundation

Has your cat been diagnosed with an illness or a life crisis? You may want to check out the Web site of the American Animal Care Foundation, which has information on how you can get medical and financial help for your pet. Check this out now, before you may need it!

The Aging Cat

What changes occur in a cat as it ages? The abilities to see, taste, smell, and hear decline. Tartar build-up leads to dental problems. Muscle atrophy, muscle tone, and strength decrease. Bone and joint strength decline and arthritis can become a problem. The body's metabolic rate declines. Organ function becomes less efficient. These are just a few of the changes that can occur in an aging cat. Make you discuss with your vet lifestyle changes for your cat as she reaches old age in order to make the transition easier for her.

Unsafe Cat Toys

When selecting suitable toys for your cat, think in terms of what would be safe for a human infant or toddler. If it can be swallowed, it is dangerous. The backward-pointing barbs on a cat's tongue make it difficult for the feline to remove items from its mouth. String, yarn, ribbon, twine, rubber bands, etc. can be swallowed and may cause severe injury to your pet. Check toys for glued-on decorations or trim that could come off and be swallowed. The eyes on some playthings can be especially hazardous. For example, one very popular toy, the small mice made of real fur, have eyes that are tacks and should be removed before the toy is given to the cat.

Catnip Facts

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) is an herb belonging to the mint family that has been used by man since the days of ancient Egypt and by cats for even longer. It has a remarkable effect on many cats, stimulating them and relaxing them at the same time. The plant is a perennial, common throughout Europe and Asia, as well as in North America. Its feline appeal lies in a chemical called nepetalactone, which is in its stem and leaves. Although the plant gives off its characteristic odor all the time, it is much more attractive to cats when the shoots are damaged or withered.

Cat Marking

Cats are territorial animals. In the wild, a cat establishes an area where it sleeps, eats and hunts. The cat's territory consists of a network of paths that are patrolled regularly on a fixed schedule. Cats mark their territory by:

Scratching (leaving visual as well as a scent marks).


Making urine or feces deposits.


Spraying, urine and feces marking provide other cats with information about the individual cat (e.g., sex, age, health) as well as when it was last there. Marking posts are read like a newspaper, and read frequently at that.

Outdoor Enclosures

If you would like to let your cat enjoy the stimulation of being outdoors without the risk of being lost, stolen, or injured, then build an outdoor enclosure. It can be any size, but a 6' x 6' x 6' area is a good size. The standing space can be utilized by attaching perches to the sides of the structure. If the enclosure is against the side of the house, then only three sides plus a wire roof are necessary. A pet door linking the inside of the house to outside will allow the cat free access to the enclosure and eliminate your job as doorman. 1