My full name is Nikki Marie Anderson. =) I was born July 6th, 1982. So that would make me 22, almost 23. I am 5'4". I have long brown hair and brown eyes. My favorite color is Green. My favorite animal is a cat. I also like dogs. My favorite things to do in my free time are In-line Skating, Canoeing, Tubing, Hiking, Camping, and spending time with my daughter.

I will have some pics on here soon of myself and my daughter. Here are the pictures that I promised to put up like 5 years ago.

Me, back in 2001 with my kitten Topaz. She is now a big cat, but I don't have a picture of that.

My ex husband and my old cat Poncho.

My daughter, Allie, after eating a chocolate cookie

Allie eating her Easter candy. Easter 2004

Allie and I putting pictures on webcam

Whoops, Allie found the toilet paper