Tracy's Story Collection
Hey all!  Welcome to the Story Collection!  I'm going to completely redo how this works.  Mostly because the voting doesn't work.  At all.  But I am leaving it up so you can decide you just want to send a message off into the abyss and then do so.  Great huh? I thought so...As always check it out and have fun!
My Stories
So my story "plans" never quite seem to work.  If I don't just sit down and write for a while then I can't get things done.  I'm going to move some of my stories to another host (aka not Yahoo).  This will allow me to copy and paste them, so I can write them in Microsoft Word and actually edit them.  I got some old stuff from my Dad's computer.  So those "old" stories I promised you all may make a comeback soon.  Until then enjoy a little sneak peak at one of them...
Mythologically Advanced
Chasing Chase
Sneak Peak Husbands
World Dumbination
My Friends Fanfics
Fear: A Myth By Amber Denman
Okay you all need to start donating to my fabulous collection too!  I wanna see your best work, so send it to me and I'll give it the once over, which means I'll put it up without question!  Okay maybe some editing....