This might be a tad difficult to perceive, simply because the font is set to 8 pt.; however, that clearly should not stop any individual from taking the time to read something with so bold a title as to proclaim self-improvement, which, despite the opinions of some, I believe to be quite possible.  Now I find myself motivated.  I have a goal and a dream to pursue, and I fully intend to do so, which is why I am acting now.  I have obtained a new library card, so as to open myself to the very limited resources that are available here.  I look forward to the fall when I shall have the greatest University Library in the nation at my disposal.  Until that time, I will have to suffice with a library that has not even HEARD of Stessinger, let alone own any of his works.   They do not even have
The Stand.  I do, but that is not the point!  The point my young friends, is that our library is in desperate need of assistance, but it will haveto work for the time being.  Now, on to my goals for the summer!  I want to read as many books as  possible.  Not only do I want to read them, but also I want to learn from them, to enjoy them, and to grow from them.  Furthermore, I need to work harder on my Chinese studying as well as try to learn a new skill. It was previously to get an "M" endorsement, but that has changed.  I'm thinking more along the lines of picking up photography or a small aspect of computer programming.  Who knows, I might even get around to doing that webcomic I've been raving about for so long.  Speaking of which, I FOUND MY SKETCHBOOK!  YAY!  Anywho, back to self-improvement.  To monitor my progress, and hopefully set a few goals as well, I have set up a webpage to holdmyself accountable for these fairly lofty goals.  I wish to share what I have learned from my books, how I have been doing on my Chinese, and perhaps share a little of whichever skill on which I decide to work.  My current goal is at LEAST one book a week.  Hopefully more, but some will be thicker than others.  I shall try to obtain during each trip to the library, one fictional NOVEL and one book of higher learning.  I also would like to obtain as much as possible something more uplifting than idiots who cannot sing for when I am in my car.  So I'm going to put up some sort of profile on my current readings/listenings.  And when I get a project (hopefully within the next week orso) then I shall keep you updated on that as well.  Please feel free to comment (not like anyone ever does) on my progress.  I need to be accountable to someone for all of this.  At the moment that someone is myself, and hopefully it works.  Hopefully.  As for my Chinese, I think I shall require two chapters a week.  Setting asideThursday mornings entirely to practice of writing, speaking, and reading the vocabulary from the weeks two chapters.  May I be better at this than Ihavebeen at  keeping up my website...
My Progress
Goal 1: Reading as Many Books as possible with the intent on learning, enjoying, and growing
My fiction selection:  I'm doing webcomics now to help with my skills.
My Nonfiction Book:  My textbooks.  My goal is to start reading those again.
What I'm reading:  Comics are a day to day thing as is homework.  So I'm working on both.
What I'm listening to: Chinese Vocab CDs
Goal 2: Improve my Chinese Speaking Skills
Going to China this summer!
Goal 3: Start a webcomic
Project Status:  Well, we got photoshop!  YAY!  I'm also trying to get a job doing another comic for practice.  I've got the chars all drawn.  Most importantly: I got art pens so I can ink the comic now!
PROGRESS REPORT:  Well I'm back in school so it's definitely time for a progress report of some sort.  I think my goals for the summer were actually fairly successful.  I did read as many books as I could which was my first goal.  My Chinese was not as horrid as I thought it would be when I got back.  And I never really decided on much of a third goal, but I think I can count finally confronting my dad as a major success!  That can count.  Now that school's back I have less free time, but I still want to keep the goals going.  The Chinese one should be easy  considering where I live.  The books one will be harder.  As for Goal 3 I'm thinking it is going to be my webcomic actually.  Why?  Because I'm feeling really inspired lately.  I've ACTUALLY gotten around to doing character designs.  Which is HUGE for me.  I'm working on the script to make it interesting.  Now I just need Photoshop and a scanner....yeah right.  Like that will happen.  *sigh*  Well, we'll see.