It's the American Way...Or Something Like That
What is the American Way you ask?  To have a page for sites one likes.  DUH!  Well then, on to business eh?  I think you all will like these.  But if NOT then get some taste!  GOSH!
School Stuff
Personal Sites
A great Fantasy comic (PG)
Very yes (PG)
Another good Fantasy comic (PG)
Whining and l33t! (PG)
A tad umm mushy? but good (G)
In no particular order...but rated!  ^_^
No links for you!  Except two (rated very G) ....But I will recommend Ebsco, Proquest, and my favorite: REFWORKS!!! (Refworks does bibliographies for you!) P.S. Can you tell where my loyalties lie?  Oh and check out the FLSR directory.  The Chinese girls are in particular...
To get on my site just e-mail me a link and I'll rate it and get you all up in here and rated.  ^_^  Hope you all like the sites...the webcomics are in no particular order btw....But there are a lot of them!
Very cool service organization (G)
A friend's art site (G)
They only had small links for these...
Awesome!! (PG-13)
I got my Wallpaper here.  Very good and cute! (G)
Great artwork even when the style varies! (PG-13)
Strange... (PG)
Movies! (PG usually)
Look for me in the forum (PG)
Violent yet satisfying...oh and Shadow!!! (PG)