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SACC Speaks #25: The Farscape Game Guide

Author: Mark Nixon
Author's Notes: This guide is to basically help you on those awkward levels and a few cheats here and there. I really hoped this helps, please e-mail me at marknix2000@hotmail.com to tell me what you think. I also have three Farscape fanfic storys at www.scaper.com that I would appreciate some feedback on.



Well if you click "new game" and type your name game Crichton will be wearing his Farscape 1 uniform, BUT if you type your name in as "pk" Crichton will be wearing his peacekeeper uniform he wore throughout the whole of season 2 (believe me it looks a lot better)... 



Don ' t always play the same person, although it is best to play Crichton most the time, you have to protect your teammates... 


Crash Site 

After listening to Chiana and Crichton bicker for a while ignore the arrow on the map and walk left until you find a cut. 

Then simply follow the path, most people get lost there... 

Try not to waste ammo and let Chiana do a lot fighting with her club. 

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS PICK UP THE ANIMAL SKINS ECT they will come in handy later. 


Trek To Town 

This level is simple follow the paths then kill the bad guys, but at one point you will be given two paths, the one on the right is the right one but go to the one on the left un till you come across a box, what ' s inside it? Wenona! From now one she will come in handy, she cannot be sold and Crichton will make references about her throughout the game. 



Finally some peace and quiet! Walk around and talk to everyone you can, until Chiana leaves you, talk to the nebari, throughout the game she will heal you (a substitute for Zhaan? And why a nabari?) 

Sell all your skins to Emmen the weapon trader he offers the most money) and make sure to get full ammo for wenonia and for Chiana ' s new gun. Ammo can be bought from the green guy who sounds like a pervert. Sell Crichton ' s other pulse pistol for money, and if you can buy a peacekeeper combat knife. 



Raiders base at prowler 

This level is the demo level if you ' ve played it. It ' s best to start your journey from behind the mechanics ' ship, it ' s safer! Simply follow the path killing the bad guys and remember to pick up their skins. Eventually you will find a gap in the wall, go up and follow the path until you get to the raiders. These guys are pretty easy to kill but beware: They have automated guns, Chiana ' s Scarren punisher best destroys these. Pick up all the ammo you can and kill all the raiders until the level ends.. 



Well basically get healed by scary nabari woman, sell Emmen your skins and buy weapons and more ammo (I recommend buying a pulse rifle and another peacekeeper combat knife, sell the piece of Aeryn ' s prowler Chiana ' s been using for a weapon). Then, talk to the woman-standing buy the hotel, she needs a favor... 


Finding the Culture House 

I tell you what, levels don ' t get easier than this! Follow the very obvious path, kill bad guys, go sparse with the ammo, and collect the skins! Easy Peasy! 


Under The Culture House 

These levels get easier and easier, simply walk around killing the little monsters! Wenona is best to kill the monsters whilst the Scarren punisher is best to kill the plants... 


Escape From Moya 

Heeeeere ' s Rygel! Oh how happy I was when I saw the dominar! This level is simple, follow the paths around Moya whilst avoiding the Peacekeepers, if you use the map it ' s simple. There ' s really no tips needed for this level, but don ' t be slow sometimes the peacekeepers decide to walk around rather than stand on the spot. 



What ' s this the mechanic has a problem? Surprise surprise! Well go on see him then the other guy... Then sell your Culture house souvenirs (i.e. the skins) then buy weapons ect... 

Those traders must love you for the amount of times you buy from them! 


Ambush At The Caravans 

I enjoy this level but I very much doubt the town ' s people would rely on two strangers to do this! It makes no sense lol! Well collect the ammo lying around, remember to stun one of the raiders and kill the rest. I recommend standing the heroes right by the fires, that way you have more space... 



Yet ANOTHER favor, talk to the man who gave you the status pistol, keep it as well it is really handy... If you can stock up on ammo then head for your shi- instead of buying big weapons just make sure you have enough ammo... 


Raider ' s Base 

Finally a level that offers a little challenge.  I must admit sometimes these levels are too easy, but this one offers a challenge. Follow the maze and kill the monsters (skins!) Until you get to an entrance, China will offer to find another way but trust me on this one, the main gate is the easiest...  

Draw your weapons! And fight, fight, fight! Pick up ALL the ammo especially the one dropped buy the raiders with flamethrowers. 

Then, head back to your ship after everyone is dead and you have a friend waiting for you... How did he get down there? 


Town... ... ... ... ... . Again 

Well now Rygel is within your ranks, he mainly gets in the way and refuses to help fight but he will come in handy believe it or not... Whenever you do business with the traders make sure Rygel sells and bus. The prices for him will be lower and things you sell will be worth more as long as it is Rygel selling and buying! 

Get healed by the nabari, do this every time you go into town... 

Talk to the mechanic and the leader of the town then REALLY stock up on weapons! I recommend the following... 


For Crichton:- Wenona-full ammo 

                        Scarren incinerator ?full ammo 

                        Peacekeeper combat knife 


For China:- Scarren Punisher-Full ammo 

                   Pulse pistol-Full ammo 

                   Pulse Rifle- Full ammo 

                   Peacekeeper combat knife 


If you have enough money buy a chain pulsar as well but I don ' t know if you can afford full  ammo as well. 

If you ever have enough money in the game stock Rygel up with spare ammo... 


Ruined City 

A very hard level if you don ' t know what you ' re doing... Believe it or not but do not use your big new massive weapons! Have Crichton using the combat knife and Chiana using the Punisher, combined these makes the best team. Control Chiana for this one. 

Explore the map while killing the monsters, if a robot comes quickly kill it with several shots with the punisher before they kill you... 

Make sure Rygel is close behind and pick up all the things that appear when you kill something, you ' ll find that you ' ll get loads and this is good news, but don ' t be outside too long as you need to conserve your ammo... 

Why are robots living on an abandoned city with zombies? 


The Factory Accommodation Block 

Finally a villain from the t/v show! Sheyangs! YEY! (one of my favorite Farscape  species!) 

Have Crichton using the incinerator and Chiana with a pulse rifle. 

Never kill a Sheyang when you are close because they explode and hurt you. Travel throughout the factory killing many many Sheyangs and collecting ammo until the end of the level. 



Factory Machine Rooms 

As soon as the level starts you ' re in trouble, three Sheyangs and one of those robot things enter the room, if you have an incinerator now would be the time to use it, then follow the arrows on the radar (that ' s what I mean by "follow the arrows" In future) until you get to a tunnel only Rygel will fit in set him to "stay" mode then set hi off following the tunnel while at the same time stopping at all the room entrances to collect the ammo/health packs. Meanwhile, send Crichton and Chiana on a Sheyang hunt. 

When Rygel has reached the end of the tunnel and pressed the obvious big green button, follow the arrow to the end of the level. DO NOT forget to pick up the belt in the room with all the machinery... 


The Factory Floor 

Now here ' s a nice easy level, before do anything, kill he Sheyangs who come after you. Go up the nearby pathways and press the two buttons, then go into the main room, kill the robots and Sheyangs (use a Scarren punisher and Wenona for this, they are the best to kill them with believe it or not). Press the big green button in the tiny room then use the elevator. 

When something exciting happens in this level I LOVE the music it plays! 


The Factory Habitat Services 

Well take the crew to the room then tell China and Rygel to "stay" open the door for Crichton then take Crichton to the big red door. Then put the belt on him by double clicking on it. Get Rygel to press the button again and this opens Crichton ' s door. 

Basically follow the arrows quickly and press the buttons once you get there. If you see black boxes on the wall, press them and they will recharge your belt.  


Escaping The Factory 

Right now we can have some fun! Press the buttons you pressed two levels ago then go to the middle of the room. Use the best weapons you have and kick some Sheyang ass! When you kill them all run to the top of the map and that should be it! 


Town... Yet again 

Well here we are again, nothings changed... 

Well talk to everyone you have to including the odd Nabari woman and let everyone talk. Go to Emmen and stock up on supplies. 

Make sure you ' re at full health then set off for yet another favor to someone. 


Ruined City 

Well you ' ve had some experience here now, like before:  Have Crichton using the combat knife and Chiana using the Punisher, combined these makes the best team. Control Chiana for this one. 

Explore the map while killing the monsters, if a robot comes quickly kill it with several shots with the punisher before they kill you... 

Make sure Rygel is close behind and pick up all the things that appear when you kill something, you ' ll find that you ' ll get loads and this is good news, but don ' t be outside too long as you need to conserve your ammo... 

Where are all these Robots coming from? They live on a ruined city, and then they help Sheyangs then back to the city! Confusing! 


Ruined City Hospital 

Right this level is simple, well mostly, have china using the punisher maybe an incinerator if you have a lot of ammo for it and have Crichton using either a Pulse Rifle or a Peacekeeper combat knife. 

Follow the arrows killing all the tiny monsters, pick up all the skins as per usual. 

Later on you will have top get Rygel to go in a small tunnel; And get him to open the big doors, then reunite him with the crew as they kill the small remainder of the tiny monsters and collect the body booster parts... 



Well you ' ve made one psycho woman happy now. Hooray... 

Talk to the guy who owns the town and yeup, that ' s right BACK TO THE RUINED CITY! Grr! Remember to stock up on supplies! Sell the skins as usual. 


Ruined City 

By now you should be an expert at this level so I don ' t think you ' d want me to say everything again. Follow the arrows as usual. Easy Peasy, but I still can ' t help wondering where all these robots and Zombies are coming from! 


Underground Forest 

This couldn ' t be more obvious, follow the paths and fight the monsters. Fell free to use any of the big weapons you like. If you get bored and want a challenge, use Pulse Pistols, now that is ONLY if you want a challenge at the near end of the level. 

When you find the "Big Coffee maker" follow the arrows until you find someone: ZHAAN!  Talk to her then keep going on until you find the hole and everyone talks, head back while collecting the skins.   


Ruined City 

Basically head back towards your ship while killing the robots and Zombies and collecting the skins ect. 



Do the usual talk to everyone, stock up on supplies. Get the body booster off the Nabari woman. This will recharge the first health bar of the user. 

Sell all your health packs but one so you can buy more weapons as well as selling your skins, diamonds ect. 

Buy extra weapons, you ' ll understand why soon. Don ' t buy anything too fancy just say a Pulse Pistol and Pulse Rifle but hey if you have loads of cash then spend it! 



Well at least now we can shortcut to the place we need to go to. Zhaan is now with us, she will heal an injury you get so this is who you only need one health pack, in case Zhaan gets hurt. Give Zhaan the body booster she ' s the only person who needs it really. Now go around killing all the monster, use big weapons except Zhaan who should only have small weapons. After all you ' ve managed with just Rygel before...  

When you reach your destination let Zhaan do what she wants. 


The Cavern Village  

Immediately go to Chiana ' s stealth mode, this level is easy if you stay in the darkness at all times, follow the arrows In stealth and eventually you will reach an open area with a guard, kill him and take his key.  Run for the nearby door around the corner and get Zhaan to follow you to the door. 



The town is different now, instead of sunlight it is fairly dark and Peacekeepers are everywhere. Don ' t bother fighting them; Anyhow the game won ' t let you draw weapons. So, run out to the Peacekeepers and start punching them until they shoot you with Status Pistols... 




Now it ' s D ' argo ' s turn for some action, he must have regained consciousness or something but now he ' s ready for a good old jailbreak! 

Tips for this level: 

1. You will no doubt have to fight Scarrens with your Qualta Blade, here ' s what you should do. Run up to them with Your Qualta Blade in "blade" mode hit the Scarren a few times, then run off and change you weapon to "Rifle" mode shoot hi ma few times. Keep on doing this until the Scarren dies. Any other method you use will take forever and might get you killed.  

2. ALWAYS look in rooms and collect the ammo. 

3. Near the end of the level give Aeryn all the ammo, weapons and objects ect she will need them later and this is the only level where you can play D ' argo. 

4. Always have D ' argo using the Qualta Blade and Aeryn using the Chain pulsar as this makes the best team. 

5. remember that the Qualta Blade is the best hand-to-hand weapon (the type like knifes ect) in the game so take advantage of it. 

6. Make sure that at one point you get the Chain Pulsar and the Luxan K ' atore Cannon. 


You can either do this level the hard way or the easy way: 


Hard way- When you get to the big hall goes through the entrance on the right; Follow the path while knocking out peacekeepers with your tongue until you reach a room with you Qualta blade, coms and key.  


Easy way- Go to the entrance on the left and explore until you find a chain pulsar, then go back and take the entrance on the right. 


Then follow the arrows to meet up with Aeryn BEFORE you take on the Peacekeepers then you and her should follow the arrows collecting keys so you can meet up with Pilot... 

Why was D ' argo and Aeryn ' s cell doors wide open and un-guarded? 


Besieged Town 

Well it looks a bit different now doesn ' t it? Well after you talk, collect the weapons and ammo. I personally hate this level as it ' s boring and you have ONE bad weapon rather than all the cool ones you had before...  

Have one of the crew at the top of the map on "stay" mode helping the two Peacekeepers, then have the other two down at the bottom... 

At the end of the level get everyone to give their things to Crichton. 

Look out for boxes everywhere full of ammo and med kits. 

Remember Zhaan can heal Peacekeepers too, if they survive, you survive... 



Now do you see why I told you to get D ' argo to give his objects to Aeryn? Now I know you have a bad collection of weapons but you should have Aeryn using the Chain Pulsar and Crichton using, well, the weapon you had  on the last level... Save the K ' tore Cannon for the next level. 

Tip: Don ' t play around, just go strait to where the arrow on the radar is pointing. 

You don ' t have to collect skins and diamonds ect now, after all who would you sell them to? 


Base Accommodation Block 

This is a hard level but basically go around killing all the Scorvions. Have Aeryn using the Chain Pulsar and Crichton using the weapon you had  on the last level... Save the K ' tore Cannon for the next level. After you kill everyone a new group of Scorvions will arrive, stay where you are and let them find you, kill them then take the key they drop to use the lift the arrows on the radar are pointing to. 

Remember to collect everything in the boxes. 


Base Bio Labs 

Well follow the path until you find the big green button, press it then go to the door. The characters will decide to go back upstairs so do that. 


Base Accommodation Block 

Head for the right, then take the left, then keep on going until you find a hole In the wall. Aeryn and Crichton will force Rygel to go in, take him down the path. 


Base Bio Labs 

Get Rygel to follow the arrows and get the key, then take him he the indicated life backs up stairs. Stick to the path and you shouldn ' t run into anyone. 


Base Accommodation Block 

Well now simply listen to the conversation n then take the life downstairs. 


Base Bio Labs... ... ... ... . Again! 

Well this is it: The last level! Follow the path and press the red button, then follow the arrow on the radar to find some Scorvion with a key, at one point on this path you will find a locked door use the key Rygel gave you to open it. 

After you get your new key follow the arrow until you reach the main reactor room, press the BIG GREEN BUTTON (lol how obvious) and get ready to fight. 

Keep Crichton to his usual weapon and let Aeryn use her K ' tore cannon to kill the Scorvions. There is loads of Scorvions that come after you but if you control Aeryn who has the cannon then you should do this very easily... 

Follow the arrow to the lift then watch the finishing movies... 

Well done!   

FAQ version 1.0 completed 2/13/2004
Copyright 2004 by William Lumbreyer


This FAQ was written solely by William Lumbreyer, aka Lord Archon, and
is freely distributed only at www.GameFAQS.com with all rights 
reserved by the author. Posting this FAQ, in whole or in part, on any
other website is a violation of the author's copyright. This FAQ may
not be used for any commercial purposes. 

  A.     Objective 1 : Find the Settlement
  B.     Objective 2 : Eliminate all the raiders and gun placements
                       so Tarn can begin repairs on the Prowler
  C.     Objective 3 : Find the damaged culture house
  D.     Objective 4 : Eliminate all of the creatures that have
                       infested Danera's culture house
  E.     Objective 5 : Escape from Moya
  F.     Objective 6 : Set a trap for the raiders and be sure to
                       capture one...
  G.     Objective 7 : Destroy the raiders' base
  H.     Objective 8 : Find the factory
  I.     Objective 9 : Find a way to shutdown the factory and
                       make the Sheyang leave
  J.     Objective 10: Gain access to the main door of the factory
  K.     Objective 11: Power up the elevator to gain access to the next floor
  L.     Objective 12: Shutdown all three reactors
  M.     Objective 13: Find a way to make the Sheyang leave for good
                       and get all the team members out
  N.     Objective 14: Find the ruined hospital
  O.     Objective 15: Find all three parts of the bodybooster for Imma
  P.     Objective 16: Find the entrance to the Underground Forest
  Q.     Objective 17: Explore the Underground Forest
  R.     Objective 18: Explore the Caverns
  S.     Objective 19: Rescue Zhaan from the Village
  T.     Objective 20: Rescue Aeryn and eliminate the warring
                       Scarrans and Peacekeepers
  U.     Objective 21: Help the Peacekeepers fight the invading Scarrans
  V.     Objective 22: Find the hidden base and shut it down
  W.     Objective 23: Find a way to destroy the base


Most FAQs are written by people who really enjoyed the game they are
writing about. That is not the case here. I really enjoyed the
Farscape TV series and was extremely disappointed with this game.
I have been a gamer all of my life, from Pong to present and have
played through hundreds of games. I know that licensed products
are typically bad and this one certainly fits that mold. 

I chose to write this FAQ because I present a negative opinion of
this game and a very positive one of the TV series upon which
it is based. I would not want those new to Farscape to think 
poorly of the series over this wretched game. I also chose to write
this FAQ because I am NOT one of the rabid fans who spout
show-speak left and right. 

This is the one and only version I'm doing. It is a complete
start-to-finish walkthrough of the game. I have no interest in
providing exhaustive lists of items or monsters, nor do I 
wish to correspond with those of you who use this walkthrough.
I simply don't have the time for it. Hence, no email address is
provided here. 

This FAQ assumes that you have read the instructions and/or have
gone through the tutorial and know the interface.

All of that being said, on with the FAQ...


Farscape is the story of an astronaut, John Crichton, who finds 
himself in a distant part of the galaxy after accidentally 
flying through a wormhole. He finds himself onboard a living
ship with an assortment of aliens who are considered wanted

I choose not to go into the backgrounds of the other characters
and instead strongly urge you to view the series.

The story is easy to follow and fun to watch, mixing serious
storytelling with a great sense of humor. The characters come 
alive, each one having his or her own goals. They are not
the sterile and dull characters found in other sci-fi on TV.
When their objectives conflict, they do turn on one another.

I personally consider Farscape to be one of the great sci-fi
series of all time. If you value a story that progresses in
believable ways and can make you laugh along the way, give it
a try. 

Farscape episodes are currently being released on DVD by ADV Films
and should be available at most DVD retailers.

Farscape the series was produced by the Jim Henson company and was
aired in the US for four seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel. It was cut
short and a fifth season that had been proudly announced by the
Sci-Fi Channel was abruptly cancelled, leaving the story incomplete
and ending on a season cliffhanger. Reasons cited by the Sci-Fi 
Channel do not ring true in my opinion and smack of internal
politics. In essence, the show was one of their highest rated and
they pulled the rug out from under it for some unknown reason.


Farscape the Game was developed by Red Lemon. It was designed to
be a stand alone episode toward the end of the first season.
As quoted from the developers' diary at 
   "...we decided to consider this adventure 'Episode 17.1,' clearly 
   set between the episodes 'Through the Looking Glass' and 
   'A Bug's Life.' "

Sadly, the execution of this game does not qualify as even a
pale reflection of an episode of the series. The story is weak
and nowhere near on par with any given episode. The cast of
Farscape did lend their voices to the characters, but did not
fare well in this medium. They are far better accustomed
to performing as a group for the camera than at presenting
their characters by voice alone and without a back-and-forth
acting dynamic.

In short, if you have never seen the series, you will find this
to be a slightly disappointing game in the action/adventure
genre. If you are already a fan of the series, you will be
much more disappointed.

I do give Red Lemon credit, however, that despite the flaws I find in
the game's design, it is not buggy like other products on the market.

The format of game storytelling is very different by nature from
that of TV storytelling. The story of Farscape the game bears
little in common with that of any given episode of the TV series.
For that matter, I find that the sequence of events in the game
is simply forced and does not really fit in with the series as
the developers claim. I'd actually recommend writing off the entire
plot of this game as unrelated to the events of the TV series.


  A.     Objective 1 : Find the Settlement

     You begin at the site of the crashed Prowler with John and
     Chiana. John is armed with a pulse pistol and Chiana has
     only a club. They'll chat briefly and then you are in
     control. Head out in the direction the Prowler is facing.
     Set Chiana to not attack before you encounter enemies.
     Try to avoid combat because it will cost you ammo, put
     your characters at risk and will gain you nothing.
     You will pass some stone pillars and reach a cliff.
     From your character's perspective, facing the cliff, go right
     and follow the cliff edge to another stone pillar and then
     enter the nearby passage. Stay to your left and head down a slope
     toward a bunch of monsters. You can just run past them all
     as you follow this path all the way to your goal by staying
     to the left side as you go. You will be asked if you want to
     go toward the settlement. Select yes to move to the next area.

     This area is easy to navigate simply by staying to your
     character's left. Once again, you can run past all of the
     enemies here without fighting them. When you step out from 
     the starting area, Pilot will send a message but cannot hear
     John. After making your way through this map, bearing left
     all the way, you will come upon a small building. John will
     send a message to Pilot and then you will be asked if you want
     to enter the town. Select yes.

     On entering the town, you will be disarmed and instructed to
     register with the Justicar. The local healer will also be
     mentioned. With your back to the entry-gate, head straight
     into town and you will come upon the marketplace. Adjust your
     course a little per the mini-map and approach the healer.
     Chiana will leave John and head back toward the marketplace.
     Talk to the healer and she will offer to heal your characters
     anytime for no fee. Now the mini-map will indicate a new goal.
     Simply head off in that direction around the buildings. Talk
     to Justicar Seller and again you have a new objective on the
     mini-map. Talk to the mechanic. Proceed to your new objective
     by following the outer wall around. At the gate, John remembers
     Chiana. Go to the new objective to find her. Chiana has obtained
     a gun. Now head back to the gate. You will be asked if you want
     to return to the Prowler with Tarn. Select yes.

  B.     Objective 2 : Eliminate all the raiders and gun placements
                       so Tarn can begin repairs on the Prowler

     Set Chiana to not follow and arm John with the pulse pistol.
     Save the game. Head to the rear of the vehicle and along the
     long path filled with monsters. You can run past most of them
     and the only damage you take should be the temporary sort that
     recovers quickly. Follow that long path to the first narrow 
     passage. It will be to John's left. Stop here, kill any 
     creatures that approach and wait until you are fully healed.
     Save again. Bearing left, move forward until you are on the
     left side of a triangle shaped obstacle. Ahead of you is a 
     circular obstacle with two raiders that patrol clockwise.
     When you shoot rapidly, they cannot react to attack you.
     You should have enough time to kill the first and get the
     crucial first shot in on the second without being shot at.
     Pick up the ammo they drop. Head counterclockwise around
     the circular obstacle and take shelter behind a vehicle.
     You will see a gun placement and it will take many hits
     to destroy it. There are also raiders patrolling nearby.
     Step out and take shots at the gun placement. After it
     shoots you once or twice, take cover again and let John heal
     up. Repeat this until it is destroyed. Save often.
     The two raiders in the area are next. Step out to where the
     gun placement was and they will soon see you and run over.
     Kill them both and take what they drop. Toward the rear of the
     Prowler is a gun placement. Take shelter behind the nearby
     building and also open the futuristic chest containing an
     item. Take down this gun placement, go to where it was and
     you'll see another one. Repeat the same tactics again and
     go to where the gun placement was. You are now between two
     buildings with a buggy nearby. Face the front of the buggy
     and head in that direction for the next gun placement.
     Stay behind cover first and wait for the two patrolling
     raiders. Once they are dead, take down the gun placement.
     Pick up the items the raiders dropped and open the chest.
     There is a buggy nearby. Stand behind it and wait for the
     next two patrolling raiders and get their stuff. That buggy
     faces the crashed Prowler and the Prowler faces an open
     area with a building at the far side. Wait in this open area
     for the next two raiders and then head to your right for the
     next gun placement. From here, head away from the Prowler toward
     and oval shaped obstacle for the last two patrolling raiders.
     As soon as they are dead, Crichton will speak and you will be
     prompted to click OK to return to town.

     Back in town, you are disarmed again and given a new direction on
     the mini-map. Head to the right around the space docks and speak 
     with the healer as you pass to recover from any injuries.
     Continue on to talk to the mechanic. Now you'll be told to see
     the innkeeper for a place to stay. When you talk to her, she
     doesn't have any rooms, but she'll help out if you go kill some
     vermin for her. Head to the latest objective at the gate. You'll
     be asked if you want to go to the Culture Houses. Select yes.

  C.     Objective 3 : Find the damaged culture house

     You start out near a building with only one path to follow.
     This entire area is really just one long winding path.
     You can run past all of the monsters along the way.
     Be sure to equip your pulse pistol in case you need it.
  D.     Objective 4 : Eliminate all of the creatures that have
                       infested Danera's culture house

     You are in a series of corridors underground, some of which
     are blocked by cave-ins. You need to kill everything in here,
     so follow a simple "stay to the left" routine and collect items
     from chests along the way. Take your time and back off to 
     recover health before taking less permanent damage. When you have
     killed the last of them, you will be prompted to click OK to
     return to town.

  E.     Objective 5 : Escape from Moya

     Now you are playing Rygel onboard Moya. You have no weapons and
     the Peacekeepers are in control of the ship. You start along
     a circular walkway with a path heading straight out behind Rygel.
     There is an enemy in the passage to the left, so stay to the 
     right. You will enter what looks like some kind of storage 
     chamber. Staying to the right will take you down a narrow passage
     to a chest and then back to the chamber. You'll need to go between
     the boxes connected by pipes to reach an archway. Head straight 
     out to an intersection where you will be shot at. Just beyond the
     intersection on the right is an archway into an area with small
     rooms that look like prison cells. As you enter the main prison
     corridor, turn left and go to the far end where you will find a
     slightly larger room on the right. There is only one other way
     out of this room. Cross over the immediate corridor with a
     guard into a curved passage leading to another room with steam.
     In this room, not far from the center, is an orb - disregard it
     for now. If you click on this, it will start glowing green with
     no explanation given as to what that does. On the other
     side of this room is another curved corridor. Follow it and stay
     to the right to reach your current objective. The door to your
     escape route is sealed and Pilot wants Rygel to help out before
     jumping ship. You are sent back to that room with the orb. After
     more conversation with Pilot, you need to click on the orb. 
     Don't worry if you did this before, you still need to click on it.
     If you'd turned it on before and just turned it off, click again
     so it starts glowing green before leaving, just to be safe.
     Return to the doors, go inside and click OK to leave Moya.

     You are now playing John again and are near Danera. Talk to her
     and she will send you to see Tarn, the mechanic. Start heading
     that way and you will receive a message from Aeryn. Continue
     on your way and talk to the healer as you pass by to be healed.
     Tarn tells you that raiders have the parts he needs to fix the
     Prowler and sends you off to see Justicar Seller. The Justicar
     will send you off to set a trap for the raiders and will give
     you a stasis pistol to capture a raider alive. You cannot 
     unequip this. You are also advised to go back to the marketplace
     and stock up on weaponry. With the building near the Justicar at
     your back, turn slightly to the right so your direction is
     aligned with the Nebari's temple ahead and to your right.
     The marketplace is straight in this direction. In the center of
     the marketplace is a woman in blue. Turn to your left and face
     the man in brown. He is the ammo dealer. You can sell the
     creature carapaces and hides and stock up on pulse pistol ammo.
     While you buy ammo in units of 50 and you max at 500, don't worry
     about wasting money because the game calculates a scaled down
     price when you buy a fraction of the typical 50 units of ammo.
     If John has battery packs, give them all to Chiana since she
     has a Scarran punisher that uses them for ammo. Go to your current
     objective at the gate and you will be asked if you want to go
     to Wren and the caravans. Select yes to proceed.

  F.     Objective 6 : Set a trap for the raiders and be sure to
                       capture one...

     Arm John with the stasis pistol and leave Chiana unarmed and
     set to not attack or move. When you have the time to do so, open
     the chests and get the items. When the first pair of raiders arrives,
     shoot one with the stasis pistol to get that out of the way.
     Now arm John with the pulse pistol and kill everyone else as
     they approach. In this first wave, that means one raider. 
     Leave the ammo on the ground for now until you need it.
     Move forward toward the exit of the circle to trigger the
     second wave of four raiders and fall back behind the central
     pillar for cover. Kill them and pick up one of the ammo to replenish
     your supply. Approach the exit again to trigger the next four, kill
     them and pick up only one ammo to replenish your supply. This is your
     last pause before the raiders just keep coming on their own.
     Wait until John is fully healed and set him to not attack or move.
     Save the game. Switch to Chiana and grab as much ammo as you can.
     This will almost certainly trigger the raiders. If not, going to the
     exit of the circle will. Put Chiana back where she started and
     switch to John. Kill the raiders in each wave and grab ammo when
     you have the opportunity. By the time all of the raiders are dead,
     you've probably had Chiana pick up a full 500 pulse pistol ammo and
     kept John well over 450. You'll receive a message that the plan
     worked and you've captured a raider. Click OK to return to town.

     You will be standing near Justicar Seller. Talk to him.
     Now you have to go and wipe out the raiders. Before heading to
     the ship that will take you there, stop by the healer by making
     a slight detour around the temple since you're almost certainly
     wounded. Proceed to your objective at the spaceport for a
     message from Pilot. You will be prompted to go to the Raiders Base.
     Select Yes.

  G.     Objective 7 : Destroy the raiders' base

     First, remember to arm John with the pulse pistol. Head straight
     out until you see a curly plant monster. Turn left and proceed
     in that direction, taking the first passage on your right. You
     will be approaching a flying monster. Kill it and open the 
     nearby chest. Pass through and disregard the gun placement. 
     Follow this path around and Chiana will suggest not going in
     the front gate. Ignore her - it's easy. There are two guards
     at the front, one carrying a heavier weapon. If you need to
     choose, take him down first. I had plenty of time to kill
     both without either getting a shot off. Now you're going to
     take down the raiders by darting in, firing a shot to get 
     some attention and falling back to the gate. You'll be fighting
     usually two at a time. If you screw up, you can take some
     heavy damage. All you need to remember is to fall back to the
     gate and take them down one at a time. It doesn't take long.
     Once you have killed all of the raiders, you will be told to
     go back to the transport. When you arrive, Rygel will be
     waiting. You will be prompted to click OK to return to town.

     Your current objective is to speak with the mechanic. He is
     nearby, just down the ramp near the landing pad. So now he
     tells you that the factory that makes the parts he needs
     has been invaded. You need to talk to Justicar Seller next.
     The Justicar tells you to disable the factory and then
     expresses some gratitude for your efforts. Too bad he doesn't
     actually give you a reward. On to the next objective at
     the mechanic, who tells you to shut down power at the factory
     to get the Sheyang invaders to leave. Off you go to your
     ship. You will be asked if you want to go to the ruins and
     find the factory. Select yes to continue. 

  H.     Objective 8 : Find the factory

     Rygel and Chiana should be set to not follow you.
     Remember to arm Crichton with the pulse pistol.
     You are in a circular area that opens to a wider 
     expanse. Facing outward, stay to your right and you will
     reach the factory. Select yes to enter.

  I.     Objective 9 : Find a way to shutdown the factory and
                       make the Sheyang leave

     The characters converse and you need to get to the next
     level of the factory. You'll see a Sheyang, but move to
     the other side of the room first and a chest. Two of
     the Sheyang will enter the room. Kill them first, then
     deal with the stationary Sheyang you saw. A fourth one
     will run in from that end of the room. This room opens
     to a main corridor that runs around a large central 
     chamber. Go clockwise around, killing Sheyang you
     encounter along the way. Near the end of this path,
     there will be a ramp up that leads to a series of rooms
     that are connected by doors which open as you approach.
     Make your way to the large hallway and to the far end
     where two Sheyang are lurking at an intersection with
     a narrow corridor. The passage zig-zags, but if you stay to
     the right as you go, you will reach your objective.
     Select yes to go farther in to the factory.

  J.     Objective 10: Gain access to the main door of the factory
     The mission start box reminds you that Rygel is not
     a combatant, but is useful in other ways. Translation :
     you need him to go through holes in the walls and 
     narrow passages. You start in a VERY bad situation, with three
     dangerous enemies approaching immediately. From your character's
     perspective, stay to the left and run out of that room with your
     two allies following. You'll run down one side of the triangle
     shaped obstacle and turn right onto the next side, making a left
     into a room with a large piece of machinery for cover. Run to
     the back end and make your stand here against two or three 
     Sheyang. Chiana and Rygel should catch up, mostly uninjured.
     Set everyone off of follow mode and switch to Rygel. Nearby is
     a small doorway he can fit through to a passageway running
     around the factory. Enter this passage and turn right, staying
     in the passage until it ends at a room. Be mindful of a guard
     patrolling just outside the room. Get the chest and cross to the
     other side of the room to enter the next passageway. Follow this
     passage until it opens up into a room with a green glow. There
     is a large machine and a glowing control. Use the control and
     another will be briefly displayed. Go around the room and use
     the panel to open the door. Move Rygel back into the passageway
     for safety. Switch to John. Step out of the room into the hallway
     and head left to the chamber with the control you saw. You will
     probably need to lure out and kill two Sheyang. Be careful to 
     avoid the giant robot - it does too much damage and isn't worth
     fighting. Use the central control and you will have a new 
     objective to reach. Return to the room where you left Chiana.
     There is another room connected to it with your objective. 
     When your recoverable health is full, run over there. Use the
     panel and run back out, avoiding the lurking robot. Head back
     towards the room you first started in and past it, bearing right.
     You will reach the green room that Rygel opened up. I encountered
     a problem here where the game pointed me to this control, but
     would not react. I headed back to the central control and triggered
     a comment from John "What's this?" It still wouldn't work. I returned
     to the central control area and found something on the floor.
     It is a radiation field generator belt. You must get this item.
     I used the central control again and then the green room control
     to no visible effect - that probably was just a waste of time to do.
     With the belt in John's inventory, I returned to the room beyond
     Chiana's room and used the door panel to go further into the factory. 

  K.     Objective 11: Power up the elevator to gain access to the next floor

     Again, you begin the area with enemies approaching. This time, they
     are only two Sheyang and are easy enough to kill. Your first objective
     is a control panel in this room. When you use it, Chiana will suggest
     finding a backup power source. Simply head to the opposite end of this
     room and into the passage to reach your next objective. Use the control
     and John will comment that you need to find another one. Go back to the
     first room and to the opposite side for another corridor and another
     control. When you use it, John comments on finding the main console.
     Run back to the first room and out into the main open area. In the 
     center is a control room with doors on both the near and far sides that
     open when approached. You'll probably have to kill a Sheyang or two.
     Once inside, you'll find a control on the far side. When you use it,
     the next objective is the elevator. Return to the first room and use
     the control panel. 

  L.     Objective 12: Shutdown all three reactors

     There is only one way to go. As you pass through the first circular
     room, use the control. When you near the apparent end of the path,
     John will talk about using that radiation belt and about needing a
     charger in the next area to keep it operating. John must hold the
     radiation belt. It will show 100 energy. Without this in hand, John
     will lose health very quickly and die. Switch to Chiana and
     go to the circular room to use the control. Switch back to John to
     enter the next area. There are no enemies in this level of the factory.
     Staying to the right, your first objective is the recharger. You must
     return here before the radiation belt runs out in order to keep John
     healthy. Staying left, go back past the entry door to this area and
     around to a long path leading to a room with two controls. Use both
     and return to the recharger. You have just enough energy to make this 
     trip with a minimal amount to spare. You're now staying to the right
     as you head to the opposite side of this level. Follow the path
     around the target area and enter to use the control. Return to the 
     charger with plenty of time to spare. You've done left and right, now
     head to the back for the third and final control. Return to the charger.
     Your final objective here is to use the control right near the entrance
     to this chamber. When you do, you will be prompted to click OK to return
     to the factory floor.  
  M.     Objective 13: Find a way to make the Sheyang leave for good
                       and get all the team members out

     John and Chiana talk about using the same consoles as before to 
     seal the big doors so the Sheyang can't loot the place. 
     You're in that first room again. Go down the nearby passage and use
     the control there. Go to the opposite corridor and use that control.
     There are no enemies around right now so get the chests around the
     level. Arm John with the pulse pistol. The last control in the center
     will open the way out and cause Sheyang to appear. Make your way to the
     exit area and John will talk with Chiana about holding off the Sheyang
     until the doors close. It's a simple kill-the-enemies mission.
     Prepare to take on four Sheyang all at once. You'll want to run
     around the level and take cover where you can, trying to take down
     one at a time. More enemies will appear as you kill the first batch.
     The most important thing to do is to keep moving and only stop briefly
     to take a few shots at a time. You'll start to run low on ammo, but
     should have enough to get by without tapping into the 500 being held
     by Chiana. I received no special message when I killed the last
     Sheyang. Just get all three characters over to the vehicle at the
     exit point. Click OK to return to town.

     You receive a message from Aeryn. Your first objective is the mechanic,
     but make a short side trip as needed to the temple nearby for healing.
     Go talk to the mechanic. He'll tell you that he can now work on
     repairing the Prowler and to go find something else to pass the time.
     Take a side trip to the marketplace to restock on ammo.
     The next objective is the Nebari healer. Talk to her to hear her
     mission for the team and Rygel accepts. Head over to the docks for
     a conversation about the promised reward for this mission.
     Go over to your ship and select yes to go to the ruined city.

  N.     Objective 14: Find the ruined hospital

     Arm John with the pulse pistol. You've been to this map before.
     Last time you had to stay to the right, now you need to stay to
     the left. When you are near your goal, John will suggest having
     a look inside. Approach your objective and select yes to enter
     the hospital.

  O.     Objective 15: Find all three parts of the bodybooster for Imma

     You are in a long hallway with doors on either side that are closed
     for now. First, run down the center of the hall passing near each of
     the pyramid-like things. They will open up and explode shortly after
     you pass and you need to get them out of your way for safety's sake.
     At the far end on the left is the first room you want to enter. Use
     the console near the door and be prepared to take on a large number
     of smaller, faster enemies. The easiest way to handle them is to
     run away while shooting, taking advantage of the auto-targeting feature.
     Yes, you could have left the pyramid things to blow up and take them
     down, but I'd recommend this tactic instead. Collect everything they
     drop and clear out the room. Your first objective is nearby through a
     passage in that room. Approach the door to that circular room and
     try to open the door. John will mention the need to find the central
     control system. Head back to the start of the level and take the first
     door on the left side of the hall. There are three enemies just inside
     to kill as you open the door and three more as the passage bends and
     connects with a double-hallway to a room with your newest objective. 
     Facing the double-hallway, take the left path toward the room and 
     be ready for another running battle as you fall back toward the main
     corridor while shooting. Collect everything they drop. By now, you are
     starting to run low on ammo, with about 100 or so pulse pistol ammo left.
     You'll still have the reserve supply of 500 Chiana is holding as a backup,
     but you won't need to tap into that yet. Enter the room, get the chest
     and use the control. Return to the main corridor, head all the way to
     the room on the left at the far end, down the passage to the circular
     room that was blocked earlier. Get the chest inside and then step to
     the center of the four squares onscreen. Rygel will complain, asking 
     where the parts are. Once he does, you have the next objective to
     find. Head to the room just opposite this one. When you open the door,
     you'll have another running battle on your hands. By the time you
     kill everything here, John will be just about out of ammo. Approach
     the door in this area and try to open it for another comment about
     finding a central control system. Once more, head back to the
     start of this area. Make the side-trip now to obtain ammo from Chiana.
     When you are ready, take the first door on the right side of this main
     corridor. Do this running battle and get all of their stuff. Go farther
     in for more enemies and a chest. The double-hallway here leads to the
     room with the second control you need to use and another chest. Return
     to the main hall, the far end and the chamber on the right.
     Proceed into the circular room, get the chest and stand at the center
     of the four squares. Chiana will say that this place has been cleaned
     out. Switch to Rygel and bring him to John. Enter the special Rygel-path
     in this room. Head all the way to the end for a room with a control
     console. Use this and head out the main path from this room. You will be
     at a circular obstacle with five paths radiating out from it. You just
     came from the central path of the five. 

     Special Note (read before proceeding) : I took the path headed straight to 
     the left, ran past the monsters and had Rygel use the control there. 
     That was dangerous and probably not the best way. As I had Rygel run from
     them toward the main door, I used the green control button to open the door
     and had Rygel escape to John's location. I switched to John and took a shot
     at each of the two monsters to get their attention off of Rygel and then
     killed them both. It would be easier to just have Rygel open the big door
     and have John head in and use that console unless you find that doesn't work.
     Either way, save before doing this part of the level.

     Send John to the room with the console that I'd had Rygel use. Nearby,
     you will see a small computer like object. This is one of the three
     parts you need so pick it up. Head back to the circular hub-room.
     Facing the big door, you've just come from the path on the left.
     Now you need to take the path that goes right and back. There are two
     enemies inside to kill. Use the control console and pick up the
     canister-like object nearby. Return to the hub-room and take the path
     that goes left and back. Kill two more enemies, get the stuff they
     drop and pick up the last of the three components. Click OK to return
     to town.

     Your current objective is to speak with the healer, but make a trip to
     the marketplace first with Chiana following John. Talk to the ammo 
     merchant as John and sell off those creature furs, crystal shards,
     gemstones, spines, creature hides and creature carapaces. You will have
     something on the order of 15,000 credits. Buy a pulse rifle for John and
     stock up on 500 pulse pistol ammo and 300 battery pack ammo for both
     John and Chiana. You'll still have over 7,000 credits left over. 
     Go and speak with the Nebari healer. She will take the parts for the
     bodybooster and tell you that she needs time to build it. Head over to
     Justicar Seller and talk to him. He gives you a new mission to investigate
     the forest. Return to the docks and select yes to return to the ruined city.

  P.     Objective 16: Find the entrance to the Underground Forest

     You're back in this map again. As with last time, stay to the left. Have the
     pulse pistol equipped. This is your primary weapon and it is very ammo
     efficient. The pulse rifle is your panic weapon and it burns off ammo
     at an incredible rate. I'll elaborate on that in a moment. As you approach the
     area where the hospital entrance was, stay near the circular hole and fight
     a running battle to kill the smaller enemies. If you stray too far from the
     hole or you kill these enemies, you will trigger three larger and faster ones.
     You really want to keep running around the hole and shooting as you move until
     they are all dead. I tried this first with the pulse rifle and fought only
     two of the smaller guys and the three larger ones while using up just under
     400 ammo. I reloaded and tried this again with the pulse pistol and fought
     about six of the smaller guys and the three larger ones using up just under
     200 ammo. If you don't find it too difficult, save the ammo and use the pistol.
     Collect everything the enemies dropped and proceed into the tree area and to
     your objective. Select yes to explore the forest.

  Q.     Objective 17: Explore the Underground Forest

     The opening text suggests keeping your team together while facing multiple
     opponents. Just disregard this and leave them here. The enemies here
     include many of the faster-than-you variety that you simply have to kill.
     You can kill two hopping winged monsters near the start without triggering
     the two more dangerous enemies, or you can leave them for later. When the
     two faster ones start to attack, run around the starting area and keep 
     shooting. They will mostly ignore Rygel and Chiana as long as they
     are not active (since they should still be set to not follow or attack).
     If you are conserving ammo by using the pulse pistol, you should be have
     around 200 ammo at this point, with 500 in reserve held by Chiana.
     Ignore the creatures on the second island and run past them. The third
     island has one or two faster enemies. You can run around this island while
     you kill them. The big creature from the second island may be slowly making
     its way toward you. If he is, wait until you can get around him safely and
     lure him back to the second island. You really want the third island as
     room to maneuver. Save when the third island is secure and John is in
     good health. Move forward and fire a shot to trigger two faster enemies.
     Use the third and fourth island as room to maneuver while you shoot them.
     The fourth island also has a plant and a hopping winged monster that can
     interfere with this tactic. When I did this area, I lost half of John's
     permanent health and was down to about 100 ammo. Switch to Chiana and
     give 250 ammo to John - you can do this without moving Chiana or John
     from where they are. Switch back to John and wait until his recoverable
     health is back to full. Save and proceed to the fifth island. 
     You may trigger two enemies just by standing there. You can do a running
     battle between here and the fourth island. Stay to the left from the
     sixth island to the seventh island and over to the objective, where
     John talks about a base nearby. Along the way, you may or may not
     trigger two more of those faster enemies. Back on the seventh island,
     head to the far end and talk to Zhaan. She will leave and you will
     have a new objective not far beyond. Make your way to the eighth 
     island, killing two faster enemies and five winged ones. Proceed to
     the ninth island to encounter two faster enemies. The running battle
     may take you all the way back to where Zhaan was. Return to the 
     ninth island and kill the winged enemies. Once again, you should
     be running low on ammo - I was at about 100, so have Chiana hand
     over the remaining 250. Head over to the tenth island to discover
     the way underground and be told to return to town first. This is
     very easy. Switch to either Rygel or Chiana and walk over to the
     exit and select yes to go to the ruined city. 

     Switch back to John and be ready for immediate battle with two
     of those faster enemies that you need to kill. If one of them
     targets either Rygel or Chiana, that works to your advantage
     as long as you don't let it do too much damage to your ally. 
     Save when the area is secure and your characters have
     their recoverable health back to full. Just as you stayed to the
     left to get to this point when you were last in this map, stay to
     the right to return to your vehicle. Just have John run past
     all of the enemies and select yes to return to town.

     After a conversation between Aeryn and John, your objective is
     to speak with the healer. She will tell you that the bodybooster
     is ready and it will appear on the ground near her. Pick it up.
     Stop by the marketplace and sell off those creature furs, crystal 
     shards, gemstones, spines, creature hides and creature carapaces.
     Restock on ammo and save. Report back to Justicar Seller and then
     had over to your vehicle. Zhaan will join the team and Rygel will
     stay behind. Select yes to proceed to the caverns. 

  R.     Objective 18: Explore the Caverns

     NOTES: As soon as the area's opening sequence is over, Rygel's
     inventory will be handed over to Zhaan. She has two important
     abilities. First, she slowly regenerates her health in addition
     to the normal recoverable health. Second, she has a very special
     "weapon" that is her healing ability. It is used in the same
     way as you attack with weapons, but of course you'd use it on
     the other characters. It causes Zhaan some injury to use, but
     she will recover. Because of the weapon interface being used,
     she cannot target herself and she will have to rely on her
     slower regeneration rate. From a convenience standpoint, 
     Zhaan should now be your active character because of her
     regeneration. Personally, I stuck with John.

     Regardless of who you choose to make your (active) character,
     set Zhaan to not attack and not follow and be sure to arm
     that character with the pulse pistol.

     Kill all of the enemies that are in the nearby chamber and
     pass through there, staying to the right from that point.
     Kill three hopping enemies as you near a path. Skip over this
     path and stay to the right. You will approach another three
     hopping enemies to kill. Here you find a double-passage leading
     to your objective. Head in and fight a retreating battle against
     three tall and slow enemies. Head back in, staying to the right
     to approach more enemies. Use the same tactic to kill them and
     proceed further in. Go through the cavern and kill the next
     two of these guys who are with a hopping enemy. As you approach
     your destination, pause before the bridge and setup Chiana now 
     as your active character. Don't leave ammo with Zhaan. 
     When you attempt to cross the bridge, Zhaan will suggest 
     negotiations instead of combat. Select yes to proceed to 
     the next area. 

     You will only have Zhaan. Move forward to be captured. After a
     sequence, click OK to return to John and Chiana. Cross the bridge
     to enter the village. 

  S.     Objective 19: Rescue Zhaan from the Village

     You have only Chiana at this point. Stay to the right to approach
     a bridge to a large circular area. Stay to the left for the second
     bridge. Save in this next area. Dash through between to gun turrets
     and save at the next bridge if you did not take permanent damage. 
     If you stay more toward the right side when making this dash, you
     should be ok. Stay to the right to get to the start of the next
     bridge. Save and dash across, going straight until you are almost
     at the building and turning left to the bridge that is the only
     path here not blocked by a turret. Save on the bridge if you did
     not take permanent injury. Stay to the left and pass just beyond
     the bridge. There is a guard here that will come across, but will
     not be able to shoot you with the bridge in the way. As the guard
     gets close, just open fire and don't worry about wasting a few shots.
     If you keep firing, the guard will have no time to act. This guard
     drops the all important village cell key. You must pick this up.
     save here. Cross the bridge, going straight to the wall, follow
     the wall to the left and around to a door. Use the panel on the
     right side of the door and it will open. Head in to find Zhaan.
     Walk back to the door and Zhaan will thank Chiana. Click OK to
     return to town.

     You must have all three characters proceed and get stunned by the
     peacekeepers. Then you can click OK to continue. 

  T.     Objective 20: Rescue Aeryn and eliminate the warring
                       Scarrans and Peacekeepers

     You are now in control of D'Argo. He has only one weapon right
     now which is a tongue attack that stuns the enemy. Head out of
     the cell to the larger chamber. Other than the cells, there are
     three paths out, the middle one blocked by a energy barrier. 
     Take the right path and stay right at the fork, then left and
     into the room on the right. Get the chests here and you will
     now have a chain pulser and 50 ammo. Equip the weapon.
     Head out of the room to the left, bear right and right again.
     Walking along this path, you will find a energy barrier on the
     right and hear sounds of combat up ahead. On the right side
     of the energy barrier is an orb. Use it once and it should stop
     glowing green. Kill the two peacekeeper patrol for ammo
     as you proceed to the next passage on the right. Somehow, you
     are able to use the orb at this second energy barrier from the
     wrong side and turn it off. Proceed to the third energy barrier
     and turn off that orb. Kill the next two peackeepers for ammo.
     Continue to the "end" of the path where a energy barrier blocks
     the way and turn right into the next passage. Kill the 
     stationary and patrolling peacekeepers at the next energy barrier
     bend in the path. Along this short passage, head into the room
     on the left and get two chests. Proceed along the short
     passage and turn left. Take the dead-end right path and
     kill a scarran. Now take the left path and go into the room
     on the right, killing the wandering peacekeeper. Get the four
     chests (three are blue). You will now have a PK Pass Key,
     the Qualta blade and D'Argo's comm (which triggers a sequence
     with Pilot but is not an inventory item). The Qualta blade
     appears in inventory twice - once as a sword and once as a 
     gun (blue glow). Equip the gun version as it uses no ammo.
     As you exit the room turn left and head straight through two
     intersections. Stop in the small room for a chest and then
     head back to the previous intersection and take the other
     path. Because of energy barriers, this is basically just
     one long hallway until you reach the long narrow path on
     your right. At this point you should see your objective,
     so disregard that path and go straight and around to the right.
     Use the orb at the energy barrier to open it. Enter this path
     and step just into the first path on the right. Standing here,
     you should be able to kill the two wandering peacekeepers one
     at a time and take no real damage. Down the passage you are
     in and on the right is Aeryn's cell. Once she joins, take a
     moment to set both characters to not attack and not follow.
     Get the chests in here. From the cell, step out into the hall
     and turn left, then right and then left. You are in a curved
     passage. Stand just outside the room and not directly in
     front of the door. Fire shots to attract the attention of
     the peacekeepers inside. Kill the two that wander over and 
     head inside to kill the third. Get the blue chest inside.
     Return to Aeryn's cell and approach the nearby energy barrier.
     Use the orb to open it. Enter the room on the left for five
     chests, one of which is blue. Return to the three-peacekeeper
     room entrance and pass by, following the path to the next
     objective nearby. Use the orb to open the energy barrier and
     bear right to the next objective. Once again, use the orb
     to open the barrier. Bear left and pass the room, killing the
     two peacekeepers. At this point, D'Argo should not be able
     to carry any more peacekeeper ammo, so give 500 to Aeryn to
     hold and pick up what the two dropped. At the intersection
     with the barrier, turn right since it's the only way to go.
     Kill the two peacekeepers and enter the room. Get the
     regular and blue chests. Exit this room and stay left all the
     way to the next objective. Use the orb, kill the peacekeeper
     and get the key he drops. Turn around and stay to the left
     to reach the next objective. Open that barrier and proceed
     onward. Kill the two guards at the room on the left and
     continue past the room into Pilot's chamber. 

     Switch to Aeryn. Exiting her cell, turn left, right, bear right
     and follow this path to Pilot's chamber. You've saved Moya.
     Click OK to leave. 

  U.     Objective 21: Help the Peacekeepers fight the invading Scarrans

     Get all of the chests as quickly as possible and arm John.
     Stay behind the peacekeepers and let them serve as a shield.
     Sit back and wait. The weapons you are given are virtually
     useless because they are very slow to fire and the enemy
     isn't likely to stand still or move in a straight line toward
     you. This is a really boring level, since all you can effectively
     do is move forward to trigger a wave and fall back to let
     the peacekeepers deal with it. Eventually, John will say it is time
     to get to the transporter. Head out the back exit from this area
     and follow the only path around to your vehicle. When you get there,
     select yes to go to the caverns.

  V.     Objective 22: Find the hidden base and shut it down

     You have John, Aeryn and Rygel. You have no useful weaponry and
     no access to town. John has the slow firing weapon from the last
     level with at most 100 ammo. Go straight from the starting point
     into the monster room and stay right from that point. Avoid all
     enemies and don't shoot unless you absolutely need to do so. 
     You'll reach the constructed area and your objective. Select yes
     to enter the base. 

  W.     Objective 23: Find a way to destroy the base

     This level is annoying, since there is no objective marker on
     the minimap. Have John take the only exit from the room and kill
     the two enemies. Since you have the slow fire weapon, your best
     tactic is a point-blank shot. Use a first aid kit if you took
     permanent damage. Bear right and then stay left, killing more
     enemies in the hall. Enter the room on the left and kill two
     more. Locate the chest in this room and wait near it. 
     Switch Aeryn and Rygel to follow you and when they arrive set
     them to not follow. Switch to Aeryn briefly and open the chest
     for more ammo for John's weapon. Save this for when you
     need it. Take John out of this room and turn right. Head to
     the second path on the left and kill the enemy along the way.
     Taking this path, there will be two enemies up ahead to kill
     that are entering and exiting a room. Step into that room for
     a chest and then continue along the path and kill more enemies.
     Bear left, passing through the circular walkway room, and turn
     left. Kill four more enemies in this area and heal as needed.
     You are now standing near a lift. Continue along the path to
     the end, near the room where Aeryn and Rygel are waiting.
     Kill any enemies that approach you and then set your team to 
     follow you and return to the lift. Leave them on the lift.
     Have john go around the level killing every enemy and collecting
     chests. When you finally kill the last one, four more will
     arrive via a lift. When you kill them, one drops a key. 
     Go to the objective now marked on the minimap, use the control 
     you find there and select yes to move to the next level.

     Your objective is nearby so go there, killing enemies that you
     find along the way. Use the control and go to your next objective
     to see the closed door. Return to the lift and use the control
     to return to the previous level. Send Rygel to your next two
     objectives and select yes to send Rygel to the lower level.

     There are no enemies to bother Rygel as you send him to his
     easy to locate objective where you can collect a chest and
     a key. Rygel says it's time to get out. Head to your next
     easy to find objective, which is a lift. Use the control
     and select yes. Rygel will leave. Use the control and
     select yes.

     There are very few enemies to encounter at this point.
     Head to your first objective and use the control. Head straight
     out and turn right at the plus shaped intersection. Pass through
     the door and into the room. Head toward your objective and use
     the control near the door to open it. Kill the enemy here and
     pick up the key he drops. Head out to the plus intersection
     and straight across to the other side, where the hallway bends
     and you see many enemies nearby on the minimap. Have Aeryn
     hand over all spare ammo, heal John and save.

     Approach the door straight ahead. On the right side wall near
     the door is a control to use that opens it and also opens the 
     doors holding back the horde of enemies. At this point, 
     quickly run forward to the main reactor control and use it.

     The REALLY easy way to finish this level is to switch to Aeryn
     at the lift and have her use the controls. The less easy 
     method is as follows:
          Quickly return to the larger interior circle-hallway that
          goes around the main reactor. Run around the circle and the
          enemy will follow. Zig-zag to reduce the chances of being shot.
          When you've run the full circle, there should only be a few
          stragglers in your way that are easy to evade. Run down the
          main path to the plus intersection and back toward the lift
          where you left Aeryn.

     Once you've used the lift controls, you'll see the unimpressive
     ending cinematic. 

     That's it. The game is over.

    Source: geocities.com/cloaked22222