Red Rock Canyon 2002-3
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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV

Just outside Las Vegas, on the edge of the Spring Mountains, is a scenic park called Red Rock Canyon. It's a fun place to go for a half-day hike, so we've done that many times, including these trips during 2002-3. With trails radiating into the hills from the 13-mile, one-way scenic drive, and others just outside the park, there are still plenty more hikes to do.

Pine Creek, Feb '02 Calico Tanks, Apr '02
The 3 Tonys Deep canyon Don't go here
Icebox Canyon, Oct '02
Wild burros Hardy pine Up view Down view
Calico Basin, Mar '03
Moon: no, Nevada: yes We were here Yucca Long wash
Turtlehead Peak, Mar '03
Seen from Calico Basin Springtime in the Mojave Red Rock Canyon We went there

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