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The Unspeakable and Others

All of the fiction that I deem worth keeping (and then some!) has been collected in a 100,000+ word volume entitled The Unspeakable and Others. About half of the volume consists of Lord Weÿrdgliffe stories. In addition to the stories, it includes a pair of Fortean essays and a few odd pieces. The introduction is by S.T. Joshi. The Unspeakable and Others may be purchased from

Fiction (Assuming the Reality of your Desires....)

"In hosts of minds, today, are impressions that the word 'eerie' means nothing except convenience for makers of crossword puzzles."
-- Charles Hoy Fort.

"Antecessor at the Gate." The Urbanite, No. 9 (Fall 1997): 6-8. Reviewed by Kankennan.

"Beneath the Abyss." Upcoming in Cyber-Psychos AOD.

"A Cavern in the Sky." Cosmic Visions, Vol 2, Issue 6: 15-18.

"The Connoisseur of Corpses." In The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, ed. John Pelan, ShadowLands Press, 1999: 123-139.

"The Cthulhu Cult." Nightscapes, Vol. 1, No. 5. Exquisite poem inexplicably labeled a "parody" by the editor of this fine Webzine.

"The Deep Ones." Mythos Online, January 1998. Another exquisite poem.

"The Dunwich Borer". The Shortest Cthulhu Mythos Story Ever. Also, read a parody.

"The Dying God." Cosmic Visions Vol. 2, Issue 4: 8-14.

"The Emperor Ausso." Lore, No. 5 (Summer 1996): 52-53. Ce petit poème en prose a paru aussi en traduction française de Christophe Thill: Dragon et Microchips: Le Seul Fanzine Qui Rêve, No. 14: 102.

"The Escape." Deathrealm, No. 30 (Winter 1996/1997): 20-23, 38. Read a review.

"Even on the Run, Hussein Has Iraqis under His 'Spell'". Moorish Science Monitor article. Investigative journalism at its finest.

"The Makhnovshchina." Upcoming in the Encyclopedia of Anarchism. Translation of a French song ("La Makhnovtchina") about Nestor Makhno's anarchist militia in the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution.

"Mouth of the Gaw." Epitaph, No. 3: 37-44. Reviewed by Horror Hen 1. Reviewed by Horror Hen 2. Reprinted in Epitaphs: 20 Tales of Dark Fantasy & Horror.

"Omegalomania." Cthulhu Sex, Vol. I, Issue 17: 12-14.

"Ole Skin-'n'-Bones." Terminal Fright, No. 13 (Fall 1996): 55-57.

"The Pilgrimage of Nomoronth." Cosmic Visions, Vol. 2, Issue 1: 13-15.

"Three Songs from the Ubu Cycle of Alfred Jarry." Excepted in Ubu: +/- 101, edited by Rory Doepel. University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg: The French Institute of South Africa, 1997: pp. 1, 7, 36, 40.

"Twilight of the Elder Gods." A Cthulhu Mythos Tale. Also at the NetherReal. And also at Mythos Online, February 1998.

"The Two Spiders." Creatio ex Nihilo, May 1997.

"(Un)Dead Genres: A Broadsheet." Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction, No. 21 (Summer 1996): 22. This has also appeared in Weird Times and Zine Zone. "...definitions worthy of the Ambrose Bierce of The Devil's Dictionary" -- S.T. Joshi.

"The Unknown Elixir." Lore, No. 4 (Spring 1996): 59-63.

"The Unspeakable." Black October Magazine, Vol 1., Issue 2: pp. 29-32.

"The Web of Lord Weÿrdgliffe." Epitaph, No. 1; 4-9. Reviewed by Robert Buice. Reviewed by Horror Hen 1. Reviewed by Horror Hen 2. Reprinted in Epitaphs: 20 Tales of Dark Fantasy & Horror.

"Why I Want to Fuck Cthulhu." Cthulhu Sex, Vol. I, Issue 14: 7-8.

"�." Tribute to Thomas Ligotti at Thomas Ligotti Online.

Critical Essays and Other Nonfiction

"The Babel of Visions: The Structuration of Clark Ashton Smith's 'The Hashish Eater.'" Studies in Weird Fiction, No. 18 (Winter 1996): 2-12. Revised version in Scott Connors, ed., The Freedom of Fantastic Things: Selected Criticism of Clark Ashton Smith: 108-23. (Hardback.)

"Ballantine Adult Fantasy Books That Should Have Been", in Apostle of Letters: The Life and Works of Lin Carter, ed. Stephen J. Servello.

"Bottom of the Brickett." Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction, No. 27 (Winter 1998): 18-19. Review of Amyas Northcote's In Ghostly Company.

"The Dead Smile That Would Not Die." Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction, No. 26 (Fall 1997): 11-12. Review of F. Marion Crawford's For the Blood Is the Life and Other Stories.

"Detecting Psychics." Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction, No. 30 (Fall 1998): 10-13. Review of Algernon Blackwood's The Complete John Silence Stories and Aylmer Vance: Ghost-Seer by Alice and Claude Askew.

"Dubya's Doublespeak." At the Anarchist Info-Shop. Also at The Smirking Chimp. Political analysis.

"Enigma and Overdetermination in Alhazred's Cryptic Couplet." Lovecraft Studies, No. 34 (Spring 1996): 11-13.

"Loss and Recuperation: A Model for Reading Clark Ashton Smith's 'Xeethra.'" Studies in Weird Fiction, No. 13 (Summer 1993): 15-18. Reprinted in Scott Connors, ed., The Freedom of Fantastic Things: Selected Criticism of Clark Ashton Smith: 318-23. (Hardback.)

"Metonyms of Alterity: A Semiotic Interpretation of Fungi from Yuggoth." Lovecraft Studies, No. 30 (Spring 1994): 21-32. Revised version included in Scott Connors, ed.A Century Less a Dream: Selected Criticism on H.P. Lovecraft: 178-94.

"The Origins of Error." At the Anarchist Action Network (formerly the Anarchist Anti-Defamation League) website. Rebuttal to a mass media misportrayal of the historical anarchist movement.

"Satampra 'Lefty' Zeiros." Lost Worlds: The Journal of Clark Ashton Smith Studies, No. 3: 32-33.

"Some Aspects of Narration in Lovecraft." Lovecraft Studies, No. 40 (Fall 1998): 2-11.

"Some Sound Sense on Same-Sex Marriage." At the Anarchist Info-Shop. Op-ed piece.

"Sound Symbolism in Lovecraftian Neocognomina." Lovecraft Studies, No. 39 (Summer 1998): 34-36.

Supernatural Horror in Literature: An Encyclopedia, ed. S.T. Joshi and Stefan Dziemianowicz. Entries on William Godwin, James Hogg, Thomas Moore, and their works.

"You Are Who You Eat." Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction, No. 28 (Spring 1998): 22-23. Review of Brian McNaughton's The Throne of Bones.

Lovecraft Studies, Studies in Weird Fiction, and Necrofile are published by Necronomicon Press.

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