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A Few Favorite Authors.
Anarchy, Chaos, and Outright Ranting.
No Reality. UFOs, Fortean, etc.
Worthy Causes. Human Rights, Civil Rights, Media Watchdogs, etc.
Musick that Annoise your Earwiggles.
Links on Pseudo-Skepticism. Irrational Rationalism.
Horror, Fantastic, and Weird.

A Few Favorite Authors

For those too squeamish to read Lord Weÿrdgliffe all of the time....

J.G. Ballard. The Atrocious Exhibitionist....

Hakim Bey. The Temporarily Anonymous Zoner....

Jorge Luís Borges. A-maze-ing!

William S. Burroughs. The Croaking Codger of Cut-Up Composition....

James Branch Cabell. Also, Branch Cabell....

Philip K. Dick.

Lord Dunsany. Good ole Ned Plunkett!....


Thomas Ligotti.

H.P. Lovecraft. Who else but Ole E'ch-Pi-El?...

Fitz-Hugh Ludlow.

Edgar Allan Poe. Nevermore!...

Clark Ashton Smith. That's Klarkash-Ton to you....

Robert Anton Wilson.

Anarchy, Chaos, and Outright Ranting

"As for dying, our masters can do that for us."
-- Lord Weÿrdgliffe.

Access Manson. He's innocent!...

Anarchist Archive.

An Anarchist FAQ.

Anarchist Humor.

Anarchist Propaganda.

The A-Infos List. Anarchist News.

Anarchy for Anybody.

Critiques of Libertarianism. Everyone's favorite right-wing, capitalist idiots given the business.

James Donald's Reign of Error. A few of the lies of an obnoxious "anarcho-capitalist" exposed.

The Egoist Archive. Time to take Stirner measures....

Information Overload Unit.

Liberty for the People.

The Memory Hole.

The Nihilist Void.

Not Bored! Oh no?

"The Physiognomy of Anarchists." Cesare Lombrosio's classic medical study.

Portland Anarchist Web Page.

The Principia Discordia. The Purple Emu laid another Egg....

Seattle Anarchism and Revolution Page.

Smygo: My own mailing-list for Anarchists and Activists.

The Situationist International. A Spectacular Site!...

Spunk Press Archive.

Max Stirner.

Benjamin Tucker's Individual Liberty.

Unabomber Manifesto. The Right has no monopoly on bomb-wielding lunatics....

Utah Anarchism and Revolution Page. Utah?...

Zapatista Front of National Liberation.

Zenarchy (Kerry Thornley).

No Reality

"Whatever you say it is, it isn't"
-- Count Alfred Korzybski.

The Aetherius Society.

The Anomalist.

Chen Tao.

The Communion Homepage. Oh, Whitty!...



The Charles Fort Institute.

Andrew's Fortean Archive.

Fortean Times.

The FortPages.

Jon Frum Home Page (Cargo Cult).

Heaven's Gate. Now slammed shut....

The Hollow Earth. The Deros ain't dead....

Kooks Museum.

The Alvin Lawson Corner.

Magonia. No passport required!

The National Institute for Discovery Science.

The Order of the B:. B:..

Michael Persinger's Tectonic Strain Theory.

Raël. Oh raëlly?


Saucer Smear. Such irreverence! Such good information!....

Science Frontiers and Sourcebook Project.

The Skeptic's Dictionary. A few entries include comments by Dan Clore.

Strange Magazine .

Worthy Causes


American Newspeak.

Amnesty International.

Banned Books On-Line.

The Center for Media and Democracy.

The Noam Chomsky Archive.

Noam Chomsky: Necessary Illusions.

Bad News: Noam Chomsky.

Colombia Support Network.

Corporation Watch.

East-Timor Information Pages.

Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Equal Exchange.



Freedom Forum On-line.

Free Tibet.

Human Rights Watch.

Marijuana Policy Project.

Media Watchdog.



Project Censored.

School of the Americas Watch.

Musick that Annoise Your Earwiggles

Accidentally weighted to the beginning of the alphabet.

GG Allin.

Big Black.

Black Sabbath.

Blue Öyster Cult. Find the trivia item Dan Clore contributed to the FAQ!

The Butthole Surfers.

Alice Cooper.

The Dead Kennedys.



Voivod. Not just providing alphabetic balance....

Links on Pseudo-Skepticism

James DeMeo: "Response to Martin Gardner's Attack on Reich and Orgone Research in the Skeptical Inquirer."

Diogenes, Jr. (Marcello Truzzi): "A New Case of Scientific Serendipity?"

Daniel Drasin: "Zen and the Art of Debunkery."

George Hansen: "CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overview." Part Two

Patrick Huyghe: "Extraordinary Claim? Move the Goalpost!"

Richard Kammann: "The True Disbelievers: Mars Effect Drives Skeptics to Irrationality."

Mike Lippard: "Robert A. Baker's Unattributed Copying."

Dennis Rawlins: "sTARBABY."

Michael Soffka: "Myths of Skepticism."

Dennis Stacy: "CSICOP Scare!"

Marcello Truzzi: "On Pseudo-Skepticism."

Robert Anton Wilson: The Astronomer Who Abolished Gravity."

Horror, Fantastic, & Weird

The Alt.Sex.Cthulhu Archive.

The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Page.

The Classic Horror and Fantasy Page. Henrik Johnsson's excellent information source on neglected masters.

The Dark Side of the Web.

Faerie Lore and Literature.

Fiona's Fear and Loathing.

The Heliocentric NetPage.


The Horror Writers Association (HWA). Dan Clore belongs, shouldn't you?

International Horror Guild.

Literay Gothic Page.

The Literature of the Fantastic Library.

Necronomicon Press.

The Austin Osman Spare Archive.

Supernatural Horror (Classic Authors).


Applied Semiotics.

General Semantics Homepage.

Institute of General Semantics.

Center for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor.

Trolls, Hoaxes, Culture Jamming, Poetic Terrorism, Media Hacks, Frauds, Impostors, Spoofs, Counterfeits, Fakes, Pranks, Scams, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

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