Close to W-inds Sisters

Ryohei_Corner [ Poo ]
The hyper-active big sister… responsible for all the D/L stuffs and before we have Korolo, she also resposible for looking for NEWS update
LINK : Ryohei Corner

Yoshi [ Yoh ]
No.1 Lazy Man…no matter how hyper Ryohei_Corner is, Yoshi can fall asleep in a few minutes (???). Although she's making HomePages, she doesn’t surf internet much. Although she's writing Fan Fiction, she doesn’t read Fan Fiction…just because “sorry, I’m lazy”. Anyway, all these laziness can whiped away when she’s in “PEAK” condition [ always happens when she finds W-inds. Is too cute ,esp.Ryoheikun!!]
Responsible for all the translations…song, interview, news…anything you want!!!

Gift_Ryochan [Gift ]
The little sister; No.2 Lazy Man…and always has special interested in other guys as same as Yoshi. However, when she is in a PEAK condition , she will update HomePage as there is no tomorrow (????) . When she talks on the phone with Yoshi about Close to W-inds. Site , they both always get tried because they always talk about something else [to begin with Ryoheikun 10%, work 10%, other guys 60% ….and other nonsense stuffs….so hard to have the work done…heehee]
Responsible for overall control.

Korolo [ Meaw ]
The new member who was tricked by Yoshi to join the circle of madness (???) She is also the one who gonna make Close to W-inds. Site has balance because she is the only one here who like Keita kun while other 3 are the member of "Ryochan Love&Care Organization” (??)...so she has to stand up and fight for Keita's right!!
She is also a hyper-active girl [but a little bit less than Ryohei_Corner] so she will have a responsible for finding all NEWS update.


How to become “Close to W-inds.”

“How come all these people ended up making HomePage together?”
Some of you might wonder…so! We gonna tell you now [ehh?? You don’t wanna know? Well, I just wanna tell anyway…..heehee]
One bright day in July, Gift_Ryochan came to see Yoshi at her home [about some kind of business which already forgotten], they talked about one great HomePage which closed [yes!it’s Nekochan HP]
Gift_Ryochan “So where can we find W-inds. NEWS update form now on”
Yoshi “Yes….what’s a pity…and lazy people like ourselves… it’s impossible to making some HP like that by one self”
Finally, these 2 did agree that Gift_Ryochan would close her site “Smile Addict” and Yoshi also closed hers “Yoshi Another W-inds.” ….and did HP together under the name
“Close to W-inds.”

After a few days that these 2 started the works [and chatting, dreaming…etc.] Ryohei_Corner called Yoshi on the Phone.
Yoshi “sis, Gift and I gonna make W-inds. HP together”
Ryohei_Corner “Whattttttttttttt????? Reallyyyyyyyyyyy?????? Why you don’t tell meeeeeeeeeeee” [such a loud scream that Yoshi put keitai phone away from her ear….]
Ummm…..so, Ryohei_Corner has became one member since but she haven’t closed her site “Ryohei Corner”….what’s an Hyper-active……..

Finally Close to W-inds finished and opened in July. In just a few months the hit counter was up.up.up.up. and up …that made all the webmasters so thrilled…and it hit 10,000 in October. Because of the warm supports so we think about re-making all content in our site…Moreover, we also have new member “Korolo” actually she always sent us news and all kind of stuff for sometime so we decided to ask her in..
Yoshi “do you want to join?”
Korolo “ah…o.k.” ……haha…that easy……

Anyway…the simple reason that we making this HP together because we all love “W-INDS”!!!!…

* thanks so much for you warm support…
we hope you still being Close to W-inds. now and forever*

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