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Hello there and welcome mina-san to Eternal Embrace, © January 11, 2002. Here you'll find various fanfiction dedicated to one of the cutest video game couple out there, Cloud Strife and Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts / Advent Children. Browse around and I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember, sign my guestbook before you leave =^^=

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12/18/04: It's almost Christmas everyone and I'm glad I'm able to update before the holiday. I want to give my thanks to SleepingStarz for submitting a new ficcie called Destinies Entwined. It's only on its prologue but still a very intriguing introduction. Enjoy reading and until then, have a merry christmas and happie new year to all

12/4/04: Wow, 1 month and a half of no update, sorrie about that mina-san. I really didn't think i'd come back but I had that guilty conscience in the back of my head. LoL anyway, nothing much besides I revamped my ccs since the colors from the prevous one was ugly. Also joined 5 new fanlistings. Until then, waiting for new ficcies. Submissions are wide open XP

10/17/04: Aiyaa! Guess what everyone, NEW FICCIE! That's right, thanks uberly to XXAeris4rmff77XX for submitting a story for all of us to enjoy. Title is I Should Have Told You in the hosted stories section. Enjoy =^^=

10/8/04: A whole month w/o updates, what a bummer. I'm not really busy but I haven't reallie been in a fanfic frenzy. The only updates are the 6 new fanlistings I joined. Ay, until then, take care mina-san X)

9/10/04: Joined 5 new fanlistings. That's it... sorry, no new fanficcies ^^;;

9/5/04: Added two new linkies in the links section: a Cloud and Aeris Shrine called I Want To Meet You and Zero-Heaven, an uber awesome site by Ninja that has one of THE best wallpaper site out there. Check out both ^^

9/4/04: Been weeks since my last update. Well, I don't really have much right now besides removing my old art gallery since it doesn't work anymore. Stay tuned however, I'm going to be making a wallpaper site since I've been making walls like crazy for the past couple of days. Before I forgot also, I want to thank everyone for 7000+ hits!

8/17/04: Not a major update. Joined a 2 more fanlisting. More fanfics later on, when somebody submits something. Empty mailbox... *sweatdrop*

8/14/04: Woot-woot! I put up chapters 14,15,16,17 of one of my acml big sister's: Kristine, ficcie Eyes On Cloud. I remember I kept begging her to continue the story. Such a sweet ficcie. I also added a new ficcie written by Trinity Destler titled I Sleep In the Streets. Interested? Go read it now!

8/11/04: Made 2 new banners (200x80). I'm really becoming a banner freak instead of writing stories. Speaking of stories, I put up 2 chapters of Hustler One's story Rainy Day. He sent it to me a long time ago but I didn't get a chance to put it up. So check it out in the hosted stories section.

8/10/04: Just a small update-- added 6 new links, joined 11 new cliques and I also made a new link banner (100x50). O ya, for anyone reading my fanfic, The Unexpected, I lost the files for the last couple of chapters after my computer went KAPOOSH. So I'm sorry to say I'd have to leave that undone. I mite decided to rewrite it but that's only a MAYBE.

8/9/04: Woot-woot! First update in a suuuuuuper long time. Sorry everyone for da very long delay. Basically, just put up a new layout. New ficcies coming soon. Once I get a chance later on, I'll be posting submitted ficcies that I still have stored in my email. For now, hope you all enjoy the new look. Again, sorry for the long hiatus.

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